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February 04, 2007


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Brain, hope you wore a mask! You don't want to breath the dust..nasty shit!


Bob, I did wear a mask. Had a basic mask at first. Then splurged at Lowes on a better N95 mask with a vent for more breathability. Agreed: dust like that is nasty shit.

Once again, you have managed to wrap up another essay with the conclusion, "But in the end, there’s just what is." Are you expecting us to believe that your "shitty" weekend clean up job is some kind of proof that nothing exists outside of Brian's own reductionist poetic gravity?

Awhile back, you made a comment of how presumptious it was of me to say that we are accountable and responsible for the lives we lead in the hereafter. Well, I think your "But in the end, there’s just what is" is equally presumptious. How do you know what there is in the "end"? (Rhetorical question).

Perhaps you were trying to tack on some kind of intellectual profundity to a very basic essay, but what you really ended up doing was showing your cards. You have nothing to win the pot with. No full-house, no royal flush, not even a three of a kind. "But in the end, there’s just what is" is only about as good as a pair of 4's in my book.

You and I can agree on that the concept of an Abrahamic God is pretty weak, but when it comes to survival of consciousness, we are on opposite teams. The obvious difference is that I don't need to convince myself over and over again, that in the end, that's all there is.

I only wish that when you were up in that attic and kept hitting your head on that beam, you could have heard your mother laughing. :-) I mean that in a nice way, too.

Marcel, my man, you agree with me! You just don't know it. Yet.

"What is" in the objective realm is confirmable by others. Like, a crawl space full of decaying insulation. It can be sensed.

"What is" in the subjective realm isn't confirmable by others. Like, an awareness of consciousness surviving after death.

Yet both are real. One to everyone with the appropriate sensory apparatus; the other only to the experiencer.

In each case, "what is" has to be the only content of the experience. How can you experience what isn't? (except as an absence, I suppose)

In this post I focused on a change in my subjective consciousness when I viewed the objective reality of the insulation in a different light.

What I realized is that all the substance I'd been ascribing to the shitty job as being either "negative" or "positive" was the product of my own brain. So it wasn't very substantial at all.

Much more real, and objective, was the insulation simply being something that was there and needing to be removed. You know, the whole "chop wood, carry water" thing.

When I flipped from seeing my own self as the center of the crawl space world to less of an egocentric perspective, a sense of peace came over me. I was just doing what needed to be done, not engaging in a dramatic battle (or embrace) with the insulation.

My point, which I probably didn't make very well, is that each of us adds on a lot to situations. That's fine, and a big part of being human, but we should recognize the difference between what we're adding on, and what is naturally there.

If survival of consciousness is a reality, it is. Pretty simple. If it isn't, it isn't. When someone can show it to me, I'll know that it is. Until then, it isn't. Except to those for whom it is.

Brian, all the time you spend connecting with what you doubt is there, is not for nothing. Your consciousness was able to co-exist with your crawl space. Some people are unable to finish the job, some people find the illegal alien, some people whine at Laurel, some people buy "Removing Insulation for Dummies"...

The point is that consciousness and enlightenment have a symmetry. Your level of enlightenment or consiousness is evident by your behavior. I can't explain it better than that.

By the way, the game blew.

love Jeanine

Wood, water, insulation. We participate with the world, and these material extensions of our minds participate in consciousness. There were and will continue to be qualities to that hell scape that are particular to its "life".

For instance, the "2x4 crosspieces that for some inexplicable reason had been nailed between the joists every two feet (undoubtedly with the intention of driving me insane several decades later)"? They are there to keep the joist frame from warping. Your welcome. The carpenter chuckled to himself years ago, thinking about how well the insulation will hold with the added pieces.

The ten-thousand things are not separate from the beginning.

You have told us about the emotional ride you were on. And you added that due to its subjective nature, it is unconfirmable. However, "just what it is" is the path to the rest of the universe, and confirmation.


Thanks for the addendum. I enjoyed it.

Isn't it funny how one of your less provocative and more humorous essays has evoked such empassioned response. I bet you din't see that coming. :-)

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