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February 21, 2007


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Some people want to know the secret to shedding the burden of compassion and charity. The instruction is to organize my world view so that everyone is responsible for their own material lack and gain. A metaphysical "blame the victim" construct.

Your example of the traffic lights just skims the surface: I would need to understand all of the implications of all of my desires in order for all of the timing to fall correctly. One negative thought brings down the house of cards... Yikes.

Storming through the green lights of my self-fulfillment, I miss the serendipity that my friend Ray pointed out: car, car, car, bus, car, car, car, motorcycle, car, car, rainbow, rainbow.

I see your point and to be honest, I'm glad to see your skepticism. There is more than a touch of self-indugence wrapped up in the new-age, self-help movement.

Also, I haven't actually watched the movie and suspect I won't. I have read that Hicks book and been to their website and I have also read the Lynn Grabhorn book which is where I first heard about the whole 'law of attraction' thing.

I quite like the law of attraction and have chosen to put it into practice in my life. We could have endless debates about whether I am in fact deluding myself but the simple fact is that believing I will get what I want or need, eventually, at the right time makes me calmer and happier and probably more likely to get 'it', whatever 'it' may be.

It works for me and that is the ultimate test for any hypothesis I may enact in my life.

I don't think there is any need to participate or contribute to the LoA industrial complex that appears to be gaining momentum though, coaches, courses, movies etc. That just seems like opportunistic hucksterism. The law is a very simple, basic concept and if people need their hand held and a 100 page course guide to put it into practice then chances are they won't.

I think being aligned with the law of attraction means being aligned with the highest and best good for all concerned.

If I dedicate myself (or red-edicate myself) to the proper use of my own will (whatever my "will" is) and I intend the outcome that will be best for everyone, then the universe supplies me with endless information, feedback, sustenance, inspiration, money, etc. If I have a need and it goes unfilled, the law of attraction says "something better" is coming in its' place.

Being fallible, I forget even the most basic lessons. For me, The whole question of need and desire and the laws of the universe are simple. That is why I so often forget them altogether.

Self-fulfillment is not for me the answer, self-knowledge is a glass that runs opaque forever.


I just read your review of the secret. I couldn't agree with you more. In highlighting the point of the supersecret, you really bring to light that living the "secret" isn't just selfish but ultimately dangerous (think intersection). As someone who has gone through an existential crisis, I emerged with a new stance on life success which I call "leap of faith". Its not too unlike ask, believe, receive. However, my personal success is directly linked to the betterment of my family, community, and the world. One must consider the world if they hope to attain this so called secret. Why? We aren't the only ones on the road.

I've found that sometimes what I don't want (or don't know I want) is exactly what I need. The element of surprise in life is enriching.

"Thoughts become things
The Law of Attraction will give you what you want every time
What you think about, you bring about
You are the designer of your destiny
Life is meant to be abundant"

I got pretty much the same basic message from my partial free viewing of the movie, and I wondered at the time: Who on this planet hadn't already heard those messages over and over again? What's so new and amazing about this movie? It felt to me like an infomercial, and I kept waiting for it to get to what was for sale and for how much.

I agree with the comment by Edward, that this way of thinking can lead to a "blame the victim" mentality, the same kind of thinking that blew my mind years ago the first time I heard someone talk about how someone else "caused" her own illness. It's the kind of thinking that leads to lack of compassion, and the idea that status = merit. A particularly capitalistic rendition of new age thought, if you ask me.

It strange but a matter of Irony that 99 % of the time what we call happiness is actually derived from somebody elses lacking or not having something. Ex - " I am happy because I have a wonderful wife " which in other words means " At least I am not like those losers out there who have a pit-bull for a wife ".

I thought you and your readers would be interested to know that the Law of Attraction and the teachers of “The
Secret” are on TV again! One of the teachers of “The Secret,” James Arthur Ray, will be interviewed on Larry
King Live tonight, March 8, 2007. To get the showtimes for your area, or to get free transcripts of previous Larry
King Live interviews of the teachers of “The Secret,” you can go to
This is the THIRD show that Larry King has done with the teachers of “The Secret.” The reason he continues to
give the teachers of “The Secret” international TV airtime is because of AUDIENCE FEEDBACK. So, watch the
show, and send an e-mail afterwards telling him that WE WANT MORE!

Use the law of attraction wisely:

"What happens when someone with a good intention, who is totally focused on their goal, finds someone standing in their way? One possible outcome is that they may decide to trample over whoever they find standing in their way. "



To Brian: According to the Secret 96% of the worlds money is controlled and has always been controlled by the elite 1% of the population...by using the principles of The Secret....If this is such a big secret then how has it been allowed to be made public? Surely the elite 1% would have ordered a hit on the publicist....mmmm.....perhaps it is the elite 1% who have published The Secret and remaining 99% of us have either purchased the book or/and D.V.D. and are contributing to the elite 1% amassing 96% of the worlds money! Moreover.....the Law of Attraction can't satisfy everybody..The Secret states that there is an abundance of goodies to go around....excuse me but there is only one Megan Fox and I want her all to myself thank you very much!
It's books like these that give positive thinking a bad name as it is just plain silly and over the top like a Bollywood film!
We should all strive for happiness and personal success so please don't get me wrong but we seem to live in a society which is so desperate for the temporary fix of self esteem that they will buy into anything....p.s. Deepak Chopra is on that D.V.D. The Secret too! He is omnipresent it seems!I was watching him get "owned" by Richard Dawkins recently....have you seen that clip?

and there is another movie too The Opus


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