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February 13, 2007


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The ongoing dialogue as synthesized in Plato provides the stage for ascribing to God certain characteristics.

Of course, this whole question of whether God loves what is already holy, or makes it holy by loving it, presumes that holiness, or sacredness, exists.

In order to show just how important and central my irrational moral choices are, I point to God, the author of all. And, in order to show how powerful and omniscient is my God, I'll point to the high moral character of our religion.

Bosh. Forswearing an action, a beverage, an oath are all the gestures of selfhood. "I'd like to lie to get into the army to kill people, but they must be older than 75 trimesters." Hey, there's a god for that!

In our elfin coffee shop, some consider killing to be non-negotiable. (The RC church does not.) Others have felt that way about divorce, and then, like you, have altered their view. Drink... or no drink?

Show me holiness, weigh it, measure it. I suspect holiness is less real than the elves themselves.

Wait, wait, no, I changed my mind...

Morality can't be divine whim. Whims are mine.

If this plane is the ever-created eternal now, then everything is holy. Plato's dialogue is a false bifurcation into dualism. Godhood is sacredness personified, and morality is the construct of God acting now.

Of course arithmetic and logic are not independent of God: any ideation of God must include these symmetries as aspects of the "all." Really, because nothing is independent of God, the believer and non-believer are in the same boat when it comes to making moral choices. There is no genuinely moral person, only participation in genuinely moral being.

I will never be able to make a prior decision on a supposition about a moral act, not because morality is relative, but because God only acts now.

The elves tell me that is the reason for the proscription against judging others. Not because you shouldn't, but because external judgement is logically excluded from moral choices.

So, now that holiness is real, it is the only light by which to see other realness.

I have a really funny "Water Leak" e-mail. Anyone interested, just send me a request and I will e-mail it to you.

Now I know I'm lost... I was happy just comprehending a bit of what has been said and somehow I missed the Water Leak stuff.

C'mon, are you people speaking in some form of code? Or maybe this is just a Divine proscription to regarding my posting...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


Edward, yes. I just read an article in which someone mused: how likely is it that the concepts contained in language (such as English) truly reflect reality?

We say "morality." But as you point out, where is this thing? Only in our language mind.

A glass of wine has physical effects. Those are a lot more real than "drinking is bad" or "drinking is good."

I was told that you can't meditate and drink alcohol. Not true. A glass of wine at night doesn't seem to affect my meditative consciousness-- and certainly not the next morning.

So, where is the "right" or "wrong" of drinking? Certainly not in a thought, but rather in the actual effects.

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