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February 23, 2007


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You had me laughing out loud.

Here's another interesting take on the Law of Attraction in the LA Times.

Self-help gone nutty
A craze called 'The Secret' blends Tony Robbins with 'The Da Vinci Code,' telling people to have it all without trying.



Don't know if you ever worked in corporate america, but reading the demotivation website is what keeps most cube prisoners from assinating fellow co-workers and managers.

If you ever need a reminder of how lucky you are, be grateful you've never worked in a bank, or any other place where, on a daily basis, you can still hear the regurgitation of 1990's left-over catch phrases such as "let's pump up the volume" and "show me the money."


I found the demotivational posters absolutely hilariaous and I have sent that website to many of my cynical friends. It further reminded me of the pollyannish nonsense so many "spiritual" people blindly believe. I thought many of the posters would be very appropriate to hang up at satsang. I doubt many reps would agree with this. I always hated those inspirational posters because they were completgely out of touch with everyday experience. I am glad to know someone is fighting back and glad you showed this to me, thanks.

You made my New Year's Eve. I want one of those posters. Thanks for validating my reality. Signed,

a reformed Kool-Aid drinker

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