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February 09, 2007


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Here's the yin and yang of it: I comment now because I may be doing something else later, or I comment later because I want to take the idea in and swish it around. Same heart, different now.

The difference between not acting now and acting now is knowing when now is. The sage says, "when you know, that is when to start."

F'rinstance, when the mail or email comes to the house, do I tear it open because it is here now? Or do I wait until I can pay proper attention?

What we conversationally refer to as "my heart" is, in these terms, no different from the Way, providing I, "get to know the Way today."

In Classical Greece and Rome, the heart mediated between the mental and the physical. It was the heart, rather than the brain, that was considered to be the seat of mental processes, including intellectual functions like thinking, memory and imagination.

Oh, Science, were they so wrong?

I like the title, "The Cultivation of Realization."

When One cultivates the realization of their last day, will the One discover that it is an End? Will One discover that it is a Beginning?

Ok, Ok, I have factually discovered that my last day will be my Beginning. Now, with the last 10 hours left in my last day, what shall I do?

Hmmm, I do not want to loss any time.

Hmmm (I'm thinking), I need to do something.

However, I know that my last day is just the Beginning, so why don't I spend some time drying some of the dishes that Jeanine made Edward wash. Wow, sounds like a good way to spend so time before my beginning. I think I will do that.

In the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up, there was a phrase that the Native Americans I was familliar with employed to sum up the sorts of questions you are asking, Roger.

"today is a good day to die."

Not that dying is the best use of the next several moments or minutes or hours; not that dying is the logical next step; not even that dying is a good choice to make when contrasted with other choices.

As it was explained to me, you sweep your side of the street to keep it clean. Even if the guy across the way lets the leaves and the empty cartons and the snapple lids collect - you sweep your side of the street. You do it because it's the thing to do; not becuase you have the messiest front walk, and not because the universe is employing you to inspire others to grab their broom either.

When the wind comes along and blows someone's crud against your front doors and the dust kicks up and blanlets your window, you get out there and clean them off while you can. If you look out and there's very little to sweep up, there's not much of a mess out there and if you decide to grab a change of clothes and take off for points unknown, there's not much for someone else to have to deal with, or that will need doing if you ever come back. Your affairs are in order. You have enough balance to say well, self, if it's time to go, now is as good a time as any, at least I haven't left much undone.

Today is a good day to die.



As usual, I enjoyed your comment. The last paragraph was special.


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