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January 02, 2007


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What a wonderful, clear essay. So clear that I am able to see the part that is unsaid.

The weakness that Vivekananda talks about is not a bad thing, or a condition to be overcome. I am not a victim of this weakness any more than I am a victim of my thoughts and feelings.

So, as I find the dualists peddling a false narco-ambulation, I must also be aware of over reacting to my disabusement by assuming that there is something inherently wrong with me -- my concentration, education, meditation, orientation.

This delusion that makes us miserable will not go away, just as knowing I have taken an opiate does not negate its effects. I can however acknowledge that all sensations are suspect, and all ensueing thoughts and feelings are thereby suspect as well.

Clearly, no change or striving is required. Just the recognition that what is, and that I am, have been sufficiently True from the beginning.

Yes, nature is wonderful. But, least we forget, also quite red in tooth and claw and easily brought to ruin. Bodies, all life, is quite fragile and, well, squashable.

Humans want to part of an Immortal Divine Reality and Plan, and held dear by Something above FAR ABOVE the red in tooth and claw bit.

I do not agree that weakness is the cause of all misery in the world. This world is more than humans, and all life suffers. A friend was walking on a glorious and beautiful spring day. She came upon something in the road that seemed to squirm helplessly. When her walk brought her closer she saw to her horror that it was a small dog that had run over by a car. The poor animal's back end was totally squashed while the front end was whimpering helplessly. The animal was in total agony. My friend wished she'd a gun with her...to put it out of its absolute misery. All of nature, all life, suffers. Small wonder humans desired a "God" apart from nature!

Brian -- I just purchased your book "Return to the One".

A beautiful and poignant essay. I couldn't agree more.


What are your insights as to what the following statements really mean?

"But the help came from within myself"

"Bring it nearer and nearer, until you find that it was all the time within you, it was the Self of your own self"

If you prefer, send me an e-mail to my address.


So now I have a question: was Ayn Rand channelling Vivekenanada or was Vivekenanada channelling Ayn Rand? because the two are definitely NOT plagarizing but they are singing the same tune in perhaps different keys.


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