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January 26, 2007


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It's so hard to understand even our own so-called understanding or lack there-of. And then to comment on "someone" who has seriously studied the nature of their own consciousness for years and have not found their spiritual beliefs changing? How can we know about another's change or not? And if we try to judge only by their words or actions, we're still groping and feeling in the dark.
I agree completely with the "cognitive crap" you refer to. The desire is to yell "shut up" to our own internal junk. But still we reach out, like you do in your blog and I do by commenting. . we continue to plan and worry and organize and remember and imagine and make ourselves think that our useless churning of thoughts and visions will bring us satisfaction. and they do... for a moment. and then it's off to the next idea, creation, surge of energy that deliver an injection of purpose and pleasure to sustain the body/mind for another sliver of time. like the rats in their cages with the wheel on which they keep running, the impulse to project their/our essence onto our surroundings. to touch/experience a rebound from our own chaotic passions
but then, what else to do in our blind/deaf/dumb condition but to continue to exist.... awash in tears....


You are really only speaking about yourself rather than others. Yet you peak for others.

So why do you presume to speak for others?

In your comment: You used the word "we" 5 times. You used the word "our" 6 times. And you also used the word "us" once.

That is a quite fair amount of of "we", "our", and us" in such a brief comment which is clearly all about YOUR own thoughts, views and opinions.

Elegy for One’s Self

You did not embarrass me with
the apricot corsage, bottle of
wordless complicity.
How much you spent for dinner
and your screams at night
I know won’t suffice.

The litho posters
are stuck to photographs; odd
haircuts and teeth
in a head no longer yours.

Who helped to cart
the rental truck,
the weather
you are. And you left
without the Egyptian
pipe cutting tools,
school papers and spools of wire and thread.

You never did this side of the bridge,
this after that island was home.
There are double yellow
traffic lights and
where there was only snow,
for a moment I am climbing an oak,
there you are,


Meditation, as imperfect as my own practice probably is, I think, what has allowed my perspective to shift - allowed my mind to appreciate the mystery of what I thought I knew and the beauty in what I thought was ordinary. I also believe that meditation frees my mind to be present when I am using it.

I am also "thrown in" to a meditative state of sorts spontaneously, the more I seem cultivate regular planned meditation.

Brian, your thoughts made me step back and observe the ways that my consciousness evolves. Edward, your thoughts opened my mind to the beauty of the moments when I allowed my consciousness to expand due to loss and to the relinquishing of my own desires and dreams.

What an honor to be offered such beauty. Thank you.

Good point

Krishnamurti on meditation. It is a 1 hour program.


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