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January 04, 2007


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Naw. I'd rather hire out. Much easier. None of that messy having-to-look-at-myself stuff.

I often forget to say how wonderful the essay was that prompted the following new thought. So before I comment, thanks for taking the time to contemplate and for sharing that contemplation with me. I get a lot from this.

What intrigues me is that I have been shown that humans are electromegnetic creatures in an electromagnetic vibrational pattern who are in the process of being raised to a radionic pattern. For now, we live with duality - dark and light, yin and yang, literally fuel our systems - and the electricity generated in the universe fuels what we call our world.

Eventually, if we manage to shift, we are supposedly going to be in an atomic pattern of radiation. The way a normal atom behaves is us as we are, the split atom the way we will be. There is a part of me that believes this is true, that somehow choosing the dark or the light, the yin or the yang will allow me to stop straddling this unconscious fence and just BE something dagnabbit. Of course the other part of me says that wholeness is wholeness and everything is perfect and denying/choosing is the path of illusion.

What is a marvel to me is that I would have forgotten that I knew that this evening if I had not taken the time to stop and listen to someone else's ideas and thoughts. Truly, my mind lives in a place you should never travel through alone. But besides the basic safety and sanity issues, I need input from people I respect to challenge me, to help me to articulate why I feel this way and what my truth really is.

There are spiritual leaders who I touch base with who are not on an ego trip. They can learn from me without destroying their own wisdom. They do not need to be my guru to have my respect. In fact, the more someone tries to tell me how advanced they are the less I am inclined to listen to them, or read them, or share a meal with them.

I need objective input and I need to give objective input. Like Edward's pinata swinger, I try to navigate my life by using a kind of psychic sonar: ping. ping. ping.



I need all the answers to all the questions regarding, the mysteries of The Infinite. I want you to gather up all the data, and in detail.

Once this task is accomplished, I want you to place the answers on a silver platter.

Place it all before me. I'd help, but I'm kinda lazy.

My objective input: Go for it girl! Get the job done. If your presentation could be done at one of those expensive New York restaurants, I would be greatly pleased.

Roger, sad to say, I've been given a glimpse of a very few things most of which made no sense at the time. Occasionally I can find lost things in a rather uncanny way, but never my own car keys or other decnt and useful stuff like stock tips or racehorses.

I do have a silver platter somewhere but its quite tarnished; it'll match my halo, tho. And Burger Heaven doesn't take reservations. ;)



Haha.......Burger Heaven?.......throw in a divine Slurrpie and fries............then you gotta deal....

Luv ya,

You might be interested in No-Middleman Movement: https://www.facebook.com/nmmm.org/posts/1215116471902102:0


I like The Middle Men
Who would not , when by our own actions

We dived in the middle
of the ocean
on an unstable planet
full of sound & fury, murder and torture

in an exploding galaxy
hanging in a temporal troublesome local cluster


Middlemen with Love !
So Welcome !




777 says he likes the Middle Man.


But does the Middle Man like it?

Jim Sutherland

Let's here it for the Middleman!

"To His Word, His chief messenger, highest in age and honour, the Father of all has given the special prerogative, to stand on the border and separate
the creature from the Creator. This same Word both pleads with the immortal as supplicant for afflicted mortality and acts as ambassador of the ruler to the subject. He glories in this prerogative and proudly describes it in these words "and I stood between the Lord and you" (Deut. v. 5), that is neither uncreated by God, nor created as you, but midway between the two extremes, a surety to both sides. "
Philo, Quis rerum divinarum heres sit

Hard to believe, Jim
hard to believe

but all these brilliances, Glance and Glories from the scriptures and even more
but for a start
HE showered on this fool, . . as snow flocks in Alaska

in Bombay in a little room with 100 satsangis
I was pushed with my legs right under His Seat
and He shove the seat 2 cm to the other site

and my ego was hurt . . . :)

Little bit like Brians second Manuscript was shoven away by Gurinder,
so that we all could read on this nice blog


I don’t need a mediator to connect me

Brian You know the Sun , don' you

But do U know Aldebaran , a billion times more forefull

Next a Supernova, killng vast parts of where we live our Galaxy

No need for a middle man ?

But God c q "Exixtance" gave energy for trillions of these guys
in this univers alone

Don't you think you would burn your hand without a middle Man

Great example is our bladder , . . we need The Guy . . . :-)


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