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December 09, 2006


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I'm not sure to whom the credit for the quote, "Instant gratification is to slow," should go to; but does it not surmise that what we all are seeking is the magic wand that will enable us to by-pass time and instantly manifest our desires?

According to the bible thumpers, Jesus reportedly told the throngs that witnessed his "miracles," that they, or at least his ardent followers, could do "...greater works."

I wonder if any Christian ever questions his/her, or others of their ilk, inability to duplicate the smallest of his supposed supernormal feats, i.e., "turning water into wine?"

Surely, the lack of any mere "mortal" to do so, casts doubt upon the "truths" supposedly spoken by the entiety they have chosen to worship rather than listen to, does it not?

I liked the water description of wu wei:

Wu Wei is often associated with water and its yielding nature. Although water is soft and weak, it has the capacity slowly to erode solid stone. Water is without will (i.e., the will for a shape), opposing wood, stone, or any solid material that can be broken into pieces. It can therefore fill any container, take any shape, go anywhere, even into the smallest holes. When sprayed in thousands of small drops, water still has the capacity to reunite and eventually joins the endless sea.

Hi Brine

Have read your books..very good!

I am also a satangi based in London.
I used to got to Haynes Park a lot in the early days but stopped going as I didn't like all the pedestals people had setup for themselves.

But noticed from your website that you no longer "follow" the path..

But your books suggest tht your spiritual...
What was it about RSSB that caused you to move away ...lack of spiritual experience? or something else.

sorry to be upfront...its just that I've been following RSSB for over 10 years and am rather curious

Kuli, I still follow the path. But I don't follow every dictate of RSSB. There's a difference. A big difference. The path is universal; RSSB is particular.

Actually, I feel that I'm more on the path now than I was before. You don't move along a physical path by thinking "I'm on the path." You move by, well, moving.

Like lots of RSSB initiates, I was stuck in concepts, thoughts, and emotions about the path--including the guru. It's easy to fool yourself into believing that you're getting somewhere, when you're really not.

I consider myself more in touch with reality now. And that's where the path leads: toward the real thing.

I've written quite a bit about what led to my disenchantment with the shallow side of RSSB. You can peruse the posts in:

Basically, it dawned on me that I'd been following a religion, yet I'm not religious. I hadn't clearly seen what should have been obvious: having blind faith is religious, whether that faith be in Jesus or the Guru.

Now I'd rather have an ounce of reality than a pound of imagination. Every day I say to myself, "get real." That's pretty good advice, even considering that it comes from me.

I've noticed that people are much more full of it in what they say than what they do. Of course they are still full of it in what they do or don't do as well, but I suppose that indicates a direction to follow.

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