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December 12, 2006


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Uhhh... what were you doing on the New Life Church page, anyway?

BTW, if God created man in his image, and man created spam, then what do all those penis enlargement and XXX webcam emails say about God?

Holy Perv... God's a frat boy!!

Marcel, I'm concerned about my churchless image, so don't want anyone to think that I get on the Internet and surf Christian web sites.

Every day I peruse what's happening in the Oregon blogosphere via the marvelous OrBlogs:

That's how I came across the reference to God and spam. Which, as you point out, must indeed be part of God's plan. As is another fascinating web site that recently came to my attention, XTube, YouTube's exhibitionistic twin.

There are indeed all things under the sun. Or so the rumor goes in Oregon (from now until April the sun is pretty much an article of faith for us).


Poor summer, it doesn't know it's dying.
A few days are all it has. Still, the lake
is with me, its strokes of blue-violet
and the fiery sun replacing loneliness.
I feel like an animal that has found a place.
This is my burrow, my nest, my attempt
to say, I exist. A rose can't shut itself
and be a bud again. It's a malady,
wanting it. On the shore, the moon sprinkles
light over everything, like a campfire,
and in the green-black night, the tall pines
hold their arms out as God held His arms
out to say that He was lonely and that
He was making Himself a man.

Henri Cole
The New Republic
November 13, 2006

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