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November 16, 2006


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Excellent choice. There is a wonderful reading of these two stories by Toyah Wilcox set to music by Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists. It is moody and quirky and great for a night ride home.

These are game theory tales for children. And they respond to the intuition available to us. As a goad to action, death is rather straight forward, maybe even a little grandiose, but the tales are very bare in their insruction.

We have a tendency for reducing our choices to either/or. The Stockton tales emphasize what I would call the amplification of the simple: A choice between two paths becomes paralyzing, in a different way than the choice among options is complex. Having two options is disempowering, like have none at all. Having many options is empowering: we are potentially capable of many things.

In the king's realm, where we have agreed to a set of objective rules, we are compelled to play to the end. In game theory, action collapses the probability wave, and the challenge renews, now with more information.

The classic "Twin Slit" experiment in wave theory demonstrates that in nature, observation and action can be so divorced from each other and from pre-existing theory as to seem absurd. Is there a world where neither the Lady nor the Tyger is chosen? Are there other doors among those labelled "reality" and "belief" which our notions won't permit us to see?

This I think is what Stockton intuited: the set of answers in a given equation are self-limited by the equation, but the set of answers among a set of equations bear a geometric relationship to those equations.

So, the king has a Discourager of Hesitancy, (and we each a collection of voices,) or we would sit a meditate on the unfurling jazz of the future.

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