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November 30, 2006


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I love it, but I now fear for Colbert's life. As I duly found out in my travels around the world, American sarcasm is not always understood beyond the borders of the JFK international terminal.

Could you imagine if Al Jazeera were to playback this video without first setting it up as to who Stephen Colbert is. Mama Mia!!!

Colbert can be tedious from time to time but the Word is always an entertaining conversation with his unconscious to eavesdrop on. The best part of this tirade is his unconscious self which types what he is actually saying, which to me is more than half of the fun.

Did you see the episode recently where Colbert's "Word" (unconscious) actually tried to pretend it was alseep? That also tickled me to no end. But then I have sort of bizarre tastes...


I think that what is cool is that Stephen can machine-gun the Apostles' Creed: he doesn't even have to think about it anymore.

Oh, wait - that's a good thing, right?

The RC and EO churches have one thing, outside of all the other nonsense, a statement of belief, like a corporate vision/mission statement. You know where you stand. There are dozens of them for centuries in all kinds of languages.

But the Colbert philosophy, as characterized here, wouldn't hold up with traffic laws. You pretty much have to share the road. And with a vehicle, you are at least alone, like it says in the instruction manual, "When you pray, enter the closet, shut the door and pray to your father in secret." There could be infidels everywhere, doesn't matter, crashing kills.

"let’s agree on the one thing we both believe: that the other guy is going to hell. "

how true. You are a funny guy.

As for flying horses...clearly one might be simply ignorant of certain esoteric abilities of those large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous,ungulate mammals.

Well Mr. colbert I will keep you watching even though you may be misinformed about Islam. The Holy Qur'an has many meanings;
It can be literal, hidden, or spiritual
when it says 72 this means endless and virgin means knowledge waiting to be discovered. So 72 virgin means endless knowledge. wahabi Islam only takes the literal meaning that is why we have problem.
The Horse mr colbert mentions is a vehicle
named "Buraq", not a horse we know, that Prophet Muhammed (s) travelled with till the certain point.
Islam means "submussion and peace", Muslim means believer. Being Christian or Jewish does not make anyone "Kafir" but "People of the Book"

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