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November 04, 2006


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The idea that morality is genetic seems a rather long way around to something a bit simpler, that our biology drives our morality.

Our extended neoteny and other physical limitations make cooperative behavior an imperative survival strategy. Whether you call it pack or tribe or society is immaterial, cooperation will force societal behavior, the pack must benefit from an individual's presence and the individual must benefit from belonging to a pack. This enforces ordered behavior that is of mutual benefit. The fact that mutual benefit is codified into a term morality does not change its basis, in order to survive certain behaviors must be curtailed and certain behaviors must be encouraged. The closer to the edge of survival the more stringent the penalties for "immoral" behavior.

My belief in God does not require a Church or Religion, nor does it require that God be the arbiter of morality.


You say;
"We can sense nature. We know a lot about nature. We can delve into the inner workings of nature. God, on the other hand, is a mystery. If He/She/It exists, this ultimate reality works in mysterious ways. So mysterious, there are no signs of those ways".
With respect, we do not know a lot about nature directly. What we know are thoughts and sensations of what we call objective nature.
This is why Immanuel Kant said we cannot know the 'thing in itself'. All we know are mentally mediated sense impressions and concepts.
This is why David Hume suggested that we cannot know for sure if any objective world separate from mind and senses actually has any existence.
The acceptance of an objective world of nature wholly and totally separate from the sense perceptions and mental constucts of such, is a leap of faith.
Forget faith in God, how about faith in something wholly objective, wholly material and wholly devoid of any meaning and purpose giving rise to the subjective, the subtle and the purposive!
With respect, chance is constantly invoked as an explicans of life the universe and everything by fundamentalist materialist reductionists.
For example, some cosmologists in order to shore up the 'chance paradigm' are now theorising untold billions of other universes in order to account for ours by a role of the dice. All this rather than admit that the universe may be self organising and pump primed from the big bang onwards to develop life and intelligence in biological structures.
I would suggest that nature is also infinitely mysterious.

Nick is making some sense here, and continuing from the Jaynes discussion, the "most real" things in my world come from inside my body, without the intermediary of thought or emotion, (or belief). So voices or vomit, pain or blood, the default setting in assessing the set "facts" will always be here and now, not speculation of any organizing principle, whether biblicly or scientificly commanded.

It is as silly to ask if God exists as to ask if the universe exists. Both can be the source of the voices. Or the bang-thing.

Hi there, again.

Just scanning some of your comments. If you don't mind, some of my thoughts upon reading ...

"until God shows up as an evident force in the physical universe, I’ll place my bet on natural causes as the source of what surrounds us. And, is us."

- God has shown up! Shall I go on about this?

"Both science and mysticism accept that there is more to know about the cosmos than what we know now. That seems obvious."

- because science and mysticism acknowledge and accept their limitations DOES NOT = God is unknowable

"Concerning the big cosmic questions of life, we’re clueless. Me, you, whoever else is reading this. All of us."

- Sorry, dear. Wrong. We are not all clueless, friend. You CAN know the truth, if you are willing; Jesus said men love the darkness because their deeds are evil. He further said if any man will do His (God's) will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or [whether] I speak of myself.

In that light, consider your own comment!

"Well, I guess you’re right: I am indeed throwing out God for personal reasons. What other reasons could I have? There is no demonstrable evidence that God exists, and there is no absolute, 100%, irrefutable, ironclad evidence that God doesn’t exist. So each of us has to decide on our own how we feel about the big question, “Does God exist?”


Well, if you don't know now, there is a day coming, and you WILL know!!!! "Every knee will bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father." Isn't that wonderful!?

Have you read the New Testament book of Romans? How about Hebrews? It's where the rubber meets the road!!!!!!!!!! Good stuff!

This blogging is kinda fun!

Note to Chuck:

The issue is not what YOUR belief requires ("my belief in God does not require ... (He) be the arbiter of morality"); the issue is what does GOD require?

He HAS deemed Himself the arbiter of morality, with perfect right. His creation, His laws, His way ...

Now what?

The wisdom of man is foolishness with God.

When you find out who "Brian" actually is, the accusation of being "God" will appear in a new light. . . :-)

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