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November 28, 2006


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Brian, overall, you just make good sense!

Very big point of view. We are ever struggled by rage towards our ex. And this is wrong. Our ex have ever something to teach us.

I am trying to teach our son to focus his mental energy. At 16 years, he would rather do just about anything than school work after school. When I suggest that he read, he says, "I did, but I'm bored."

He's distracted: noises, memories, thirst, whatever. Not bored.

While I understand and appreciate the Krishnamurti quote above, when coaching my son, little steps first. He is not even aware that there is a difference between distraction and attention. You were walking, on many surfaces, long before you could achieve roof-walking jutsu.

Allowing the rest of the world to exist while we attend what is next at hand is a truly grand gesture.

Edward, good points. Focused concentration and unfocused awareness seem to be the yin and yang of consciousness.

One can't exist without the other. On the roof, my focus was on the task at hand. Yet within that sphere of concentration, I tried to be aware of everything that was going on.

A slip could have started from many sources: left leg, right leg, tipping from the high-centered weight of the backpack blower, strong gust of wind, slippery bit of moss, whatever.

In my daily meditation, I focus on a simple one-syllable mantra, Cloud of Unknowing-like. Yet in "Open Mind, Open Heart" style, I view this as a pointer toward...god knows what (I sure don't).

It's the emptiness between the utterings of the mantra that are the most intriguing. But if I didn't have the focus of that one word I'd be enmeshed in the usual ramblings of my mind--many words.

Anyway, per usual I've used many words to say something simple: focus and openness aren't opposed to each other.

I wonder, how much energy is being consumed while, "you are aware of every moment of the mind from moment to moment?"

How does that amount of energy compare to the energy needed when your mind is, "resisting something?"

do a double blind experiment!

Invite two people over, feed them kasha, or millet, and place them on two bath scales.

Then have one person release their focus into general awareness of things-as-they-are.

Have the other person resist something: non-union grapes; protons; electronics store advertisements.

Then see which one uses more energy, based on the calorie-to-weight ratio.

Whoever loses less weight than you do during the experiment wins a dolly.

in a spirit of fairness, I suggest, no I demand that the 2 bathroom scales be properly calibrated!!!

NIST recommends calibration procedure: ASTM E 319-85.

How do you use a leaf blower on your gutters without making an unholy mess? They must be wet and mucky. Doesn't the side of house get gunk on it?

R Blog/Randy, no, not at all--no gunk, no mess. Except on a few paver stone walkways and our deck. There I use the blower to clean the leaves, etc. off after climbing down from the roof.

We have wide eaves. Maybe that's why the blower works so well for me. But even so, the blower shoots the gutter contents quite a bit sideways. It never comes close to the side of the house, so far as I can tell.

That Stihl blower has changed my gutter cleaning life. I was happy with my Ryobi handheld blower; I'm ecstatic with the Stihl.

The Stihl also starts like a charm. I was reduced to putting the Ryobi inside our house for fifteen minutes before trying to start it, as it was a mother to get going when it was cold outside.

Very interesting. May have to try that technique. I do like my Stihl chainsaw though the next purchase is going to be a Shindaiwa 450 brush cutter. I got to try one of these babies out recently. It cuts like a samarai sword. And now, back to churchlessness...

This reminds me of the all too common belief that spirituality is suffering. This damaging understanding can be found in most religions. To me and to any religious leaders for whom I have any affinity God is love and gentleness, not guilt, white knuckling effort, and self flagellation. Sadly Mr. Sevarese is only encouraging rejection of the belief system that he espouses. Comments like this don't serve anyone, rather they drive people away. Neither Gurinder nor Charan Singh would say anything like that. I believe the Jagat Singh quote is from one of his satsangs in "Science of the Soul" which are based on very questionable sources anyway. I just know this does not sound like something a lover of God would say. I don't bother to read those newsletters because they fail so miserably in reflecting the teachings they are supposed to illuminate. This is often where you find the R.S. B.S. in its purest form. You can't blame Mr. Sevares, you can only teach what you know and the ones who know would not be on a Blog, writing newsletters, or otherwise intellectualizing spirituality.

"...you can only teach what you know and the ones who know would not be on a Blog, writing newsletters, or otherwise intellectualizing spirituality..."

Hmmm, you said it honey, not me!

Wow, first Colbert and now this? serendipity, thy name is Churchless!

;~) Jeanine

Loved your above remark...........that was so good.........thanks for the friday morning giggles!!! Roger

"...you can only teach what you know and the ones who know would not be on a Blog, writing newsletters, or otherwise intellectualizing spirituality..."

I do not agree. Knowing does not inhibit one from communicating or discussing anything, including spirituality. True knowledge is not an inhibition to any activity or endeavor.

And tell the unfortunates (like the misses) that even the Master has to take a dump,kill time, go to movies,etc May as well be on a related topic (as misnomed as they may be). I gave up TV and this damn thing is next. "So yes this is XMas and what have you learned?" Doctor heal thyself.

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