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November 24, 2006


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poohbear and tao,

poohbear stated;

"So hence, because we use the mind to meditate, I am more comfortable with meditating at its natural place of rest above the eyes."

---I can see the use of the 'third eye' as a label, when discussing the use of ones mind to meditate. Nothing wrong with that. The Mind representing the area above the eyes is ok. It just sounds like too much geography, thus I would hope would not be needed. Basic meditations,IMO, should be very simple and free of all the external descriptions. Again, I am just dreaming, however, I would hope that a basic simple meditation could be used as a pactical tool for one to be emmersed in the ______ (fill in the blank). poohbear...I do appreciate your sincerity and honesty.


If you keep stubbornly answering my questions, then I shall continue to ask my questions. Don't forget, I like to ask questions and study answers. Something tells me you enjoy answering questions and writing comments responding to others comments. Reading books is OK, however I like my method. Tao.....I still stubbornly luv ya.

Hey Roger,

Since you like to raise questions and get answers, may I again suggest getting a RSSB book? That way you will have many basic questions answered and fodder for more informed questions that tAo can rip to shreds in his inimitable style.

National BAV USA Order & Support Desk
Science of the Soul Study Center
4115 Gilllespie St.
Fayetteville, NC 28306

The books used to sell pretty cheap on a non-profit basis. I haven't checked prices in maybe 15-20 years.


Thanks for the suggestion. I like to ask questions and study answers. If I don't get any answers thats ok. There is value in reading one of the books at the location you referenced. However, I like my style of inquiry. Tao's inimitable style doesn't bother me. I like his, your and others writings. If we all don't always agree on a topic, thats ok. I still enjoy the readings here.


Suit yourself, of course. "Inimitable" was not meant in the critical sense of the word or that "shredding" was a 'bad' thing.


I am not opposed to sitting meditation at all. I do sitting meditation myself, but not as any kind of formal or specifially scheduled kind of thing like is done in sant mat. My sitting meditation is more natural or spontaneous and occurs whenever I happen to be alone and just sitting down and not engaged in some particular activity. So don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there is no "need" to do sitting meditation. It's whatever you like to do.

If you feel drawn to do sitting type of meditation, and you enjoy it and you feel benefitted in some way, then good for you. I was only saying that I know that it's not necessary for one to engage in the formal or sitting type of meditation simply in order to be cognizant of one's awareness and the instant presence. In other words, every moment in any situation, no matter what you are doing, can be meditation... if you see what I mean. But that does not mean that you cannot have periods of just simple sitting meditation as well. I would say that it is best to have both. Every situation in life can be meditation if you develop a habit of abiding and remaining aware of the ever-fresh present moment of awareness. Then everything, all conditions and situations and circmstances in life become spontaneously integrated into meditation and thus effortlessly self-liberated.


I am only answering your questions because you continue to ask them. And I know that you like to ask questions and study answers. But I don't really enjoy answering questions and writing comments and responding to others comments. In fact, I am winding down and about to retire. I have said enough and there's really not much more for me to say that isn't redundant. And I don't think my criticisms have helped anyone. Most people have to go through things in their own way and in their own time. And I also see that some people (like the sant mat satsangis) who, for one reason or another, have blindly bought into thinking and believing that some one Indian guru guy is IT, that he is a holy and divine spiritual "master", and that everyone else (and especialy including me) is not a "master", but we are just a bunch of lost souls who have strayed away from the true path and trur guru... well they are never going to comprehend or understand what I am saying. So there is really no point to discussing or engaging with them. They have their minds made up, and that's the end of it. They are not interested in anything other than the guru and the dogma. If they haven't got it by this time, then they are never going to get it. And it's not my job to waste more of my time with such closed-minded fools.

And also, when I look back and read over my own posted comments, I often see how poorly written they were, with loads of typos and generally faulty grammer and spelling mistakes, I feel a bit embarrassed. The reason for my typos and faulty compostion is because I tend to compose and type rather quickly and I most always forget to preview and proof-read before sending. And once their sent, I can not correct them later.

You say that you like and prefer your piecemeal "method" of questioning, and so be it. I can only conclude that you must not be seriously interested in pursuing a proper study of the subject (which in this case is sant mat), but only just being a dabbling dillitante. But hey, thats your choice and if you like it, then I am happy for you.

In any case, I am retiring from this answer business so that I can devote my time to continue being the "inimitable" exalted spiritual SAT-GURU ... THAT I AM.

(and anyone seeking and desiring initiation is advised to first send me lots of MONEY, or beautiful women along with the money, and be sure to throw fragrant flower petals and grovel at my Holy feet)

Would you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?

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