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October 03, 2006


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"The skeptic wants to know the truth with certainty. She wants to stop being a skeptic, but does not want to believe blindly."

Error-free living, and vigilance against certitude. That sounded familiar.

From a description of OCD symptoms:

Obsessions Concerning Perfection.
The fear/preoccupation with the following:
The urge to remember certain things such as slogans, license plate #'s, names, words or event of the past...
This could also be explained as the "Fear" of forgetting.

The fear of saying something wrong or not "Just Right" and/or leaving details out.
This makes the person go to great extend to tell everything "Just" as it was.

Worrying about making mistakes.

Easily bothered by the feel of clothing, textures on the skin.
Small imperfections can drive the person crazy.
Compulsions Concerning Perfection.
Checking and rechecking for mistakes, for instance when balancing a checkbook or making homework.

Being incredibly slow in carrying out even the most routine activities.
Might be because the person is looking for perfection, that Just Right feeling or just has to check everything she/he does.

Unfounded fears that 1 failed to complete a routine task correctly, such as filling out a form, paying a bill, posting a letter.

Skepticism is a central tradition in Western Philosophy. Certainly any healthy seeker of the truth is willing to examine an idea which claims to be truth to see if it really makes any sense; the Greeks from Thales onward basically engaged in a rational analysis and critique.

It is interesting a central concern of skepticism is to bring peace and calm to the mind. David Hume, the greatest Western sceptical philosopher, lived a life of great stability and marked with great equamity in the face of pain. I am also reminded of the Buddha, whose own searching skepticism is strongly reflected in Buddhism and its deeply empirical approach to spiritual truths.

I think healthy skepticism is an ability to acknowledge that I could be wrong. It also involves the admission that you could also be wrong, or right. Or we could both be simultaneously right or wrong. The rightness and the wrongness aren't really the point, it's the willingness to suspend argument and allow that for the time being I don't know for sure. And that would be okay.

Of course I have this need for rightness that often overpowers my desire to be skeptical, even of my own moral infallibility. Then I begin doing all the checking and rechecking and panicking...

Which, thanks to Edward, I now know is a twisted form of OCD. Oh, Joy. :)


I'm guessing that our group of regulars follow a path near the middle, between "The Skeptic and The Non-Skeptic."

In addition, I'm guessing, the regulars, while near the middle, reserve the option to dance (Brian's term) over to each side and visit for a while too.

Dancing never hurt anyone.

Post this on Pavlina's forum !!
But please don't spam. We want to play fair.



On a forum there should NOT be personal attacks, that is intolerable.
But ! People SHOULD be able to discuss matters without censorship.
This is NOT true on Pavlina .com


Read on.........

On Pavlina's forum it is only allowed to agree with him. It's all staged.
If you don't agree it is under the supervision of Pavlina himself. Look at it like
a rigged election in a dictatorship... "100% of the people vote on me", sure...

One of the things that should be allowed BUT IS NOT - INSTEAD IT IS DELETED -
is links to article's taking a critical look at some of his clams.
That would be sound for the forum, but NO ! .... Not allowed.

Therefore I advice you to
1. read these articles here and form your own opinion - after saving this message first!
2. As soon as you see this thread or post gone you will know that it has been deleted by the mods.
3. Re-post what you have read then! This is called freedom of speech.

You may have to change words, do some tricks etc. to get through Pavlina's spam filters.
You could link to articles, critizise in your own words or whatever you like.

It's time for democracy and freedom of speech to reach this forum !

Additional articles, apart from those on Pavlina's homepage (please don't link to hate articles,
we don't want to act as bad as Pavlina himself does) :

Logical flaws in Pavlina's article + more...
http://edificial.blogspot.com/2006/08/church-of-steve-pavlina.html Edificial Intelligence: The Church of Steve Pavlina

Let skepticism blossom - critique on Pavlina's view on skepticism:
Church of the Churchless: Let skepticism blossom


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