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October 17, 2006


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I guess now that you've accepted your divine self, Laurel, your wife, can write her own series of God books - "What God Is Saying When He Snores," "Always Cleaning Up After God," and the best selling, "Yes, God, I Smashed Your Computer." :-)

Marcel, excellent ideas. I'm impressed. It's almost as if you've been hiding out in our home, eavesdropping on us. But that's what I'd expect from a medium.

This very morning Laurel was complaining about last night's snoring. Of course, that happens many mornings.

Sadly, I don't see much evidence that she embraces my divinity like I do. I've always thought that the secret to a happy marriage is that the woman treats the man like God, and so does the man--treat himself like God.

Unfortunately, thinking doesn't make it so. Like I said on your show, I do, however, believe that our dog worships me. Near dinner time, at least, and when she wants to go for a walk.

attack of the kundalini !!!


I haven't read Walsch either, don't really care to, it reminds me of the "Children's Letters to Santa," thing that is run every year.

I was in a bookstore in Beaverton when Walsch was there to sign his books, resplendent in his robes, sitting there while the queue formed. Our friend said, "Oh, look at them all, linin' up to talk to God!" As an herbalist, she was pretty much a hands-on sort, and her comment captured what you are saying here - the six degrees of separation and consumer stance that many people need to have in their spiritual lives.

Walsch feeds that need, as does St Patrick's cathedral, selling glow-in-the-dark BVMs in the nave of the church. But my echolalia doesn't help with understanding this. Lately, all the small quiet voice has been saying is "GOMEZ!" over and over.

I actually have read the book, years agooooooh...and yes its pretty pursuasive, well written and funny. Very commercial too, indeed feeding a need. But it was allright. Not very elevating but quit harmless. I prever, however, books like God"s Whisper, Creation"s Thunder! Ha! It truly made some stuff clear for me.

( God ONLY knows how I found you Guys!) Who are you? Anyway, this is for your enjoyment (although who knows if you'll like it, you guys are so finicky and wonderfully cynical!)

Shut UP! An Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness! (The Simple Truth Your Guru, Therapist and Grandmother Forgot To Tell you!) A-3 min (or so) FUNNY (maybe) - music video!

Love your friend Dvorah-gee!
(BTW you can be Spiritually Independent and still have a GURU!)

"God is a name, written in a book, painted on a canvas, hanging on a wall, in the mind of a scriptwriter. The GURU is the scriptwriter. He is all there IS. And he is the only one that can give you peace. Why? Because He is your Very Nature. It's that simple.

Now, if you're lucky enough to find a Guru in the flesh, standing in front of you, calling your name, you better lay your burden down, because this is your chance to be free.

Never mind about all ther questiions, doubts, and nonsense you've heard. Drop your misery and step into the embrace of that sweet love That Is.

You don't every have to worry about finding the right Guru. He will find you, and that's a promise - straight from the GURU."

(from the book: Shut Up! An Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness)

Love (and happiness): - very seldom expressed in the "Comments" section of this weblog.

Robert Paul Howard

Dvorah-gee, love the video! Thanks for the smiles and laughter. Terrific.

We all need more craziness, mystery, and shut up! in our lives.

So true...the universe is singing to us at every moment, and our noisy little minds, so full of religious and every other sort of concepts, keep on talking over the music.

lol church of the churchless that's a good one LOL! XD

Yeah! God SDFU! Jellous son of a bitch...

Who does God think ha is ordering us around like we are nothing the fact is we are nothing and God's just being show off... I'd sure like to give God clear slap across the face with the back of my hand (HOLY Asshole).

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