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October 21, 2006


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Dear Brian,
Cf. Mk 15:34: ...Jesus cried...My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? [KJV]
Robert Paul Howard

Your April 7 2006 article regarding Judas jumps to mind. It has always made sense to me that there was a forsaking of god there that was required by the entire episode. And there are practical applications to naught. The emptiness in the cup is necessary, the empty part of the wall is a window or door.

We will need to call ourselves out and declare ourselves dead. Those of us without stellae in the twelfth house seem to glance over Nietsche's pronouncement that God is dead. He wasn't really just yr average essayist.

So follow the emptiness...

What is happening in the Dylan song, "Knocking on Heaven's Door," if not the forsaking of seeming knowledge, at the appropriate time?

What is the happening in Ravel's "Pavane for a Dead Princess," that is so content?

Eckhart is gracious enough to give the sermon to an empty room, knowing that until he gives up all hope of a living god, he will not know the godhead. Weakly, he almost doesn't want us there. Of course, as long as we sit zazen, we are between heaven and earth. (Oh, there's even a pictogram for that!)

Can I forsake myself into such poverty and exile? I will have to admit that even when I desire a war to be waged, I know that the humanity and the god involved will cause greater harm and atrocity than is warranted, a suffocation of emptiness and a choke point of nothing.

God wants not simply to sit with the dead and decaying body, but to sit IN the dead and deacaying body.

The tao is not for sissies.

Edward, the tao also wants to sit in the newborn's coo, the daughter's song, the husband's dance...

the tao is also not for atheists.

;) Jeanine

Ah, a mite morbid. I'll remember that Schubert made a quartet for strings out of "Der Tod und das Mädchen", so there's that teleology again.

My head starts running with things when I read about nothingness. Conceiving of nothing requires the a conjunction of such substance: The weight of the sheltering sky; blanket of night fog.

The profundity of god as the ur-extant, means (as in logos,) that any contrast with the godhead distorts being, making it over-large. With the Meister's excellent teaching, we now know beforehand that there is complete retreat. We also know that it is here and now as much as being is here and now. But there is nothing to actually know (or guess, or hope, or do) about nothing. Going past the intellectual bon mot, "because there is something there is also nothing," and traipsing into discussion is looking for fish tracks in the river bed.

One does not meditate on wu. There is no attitude to have vis a vis wu.

Negation starts from substantiation, a kiss of death, but once substance is leapt from...

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