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October 19, 2006


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I watch a lot of Neo-advaitic teachers on Youtube and also read lots of books. What I notice is the objections and attacks from the audience always seem to come from a lack of understanding of the teacher's message and a FEAR in the attacker.
The basic issue of doing what's right or being moral comes up often and I amazes me that anyone would equate total freedom with being tempted to do something bad or immoral. Balsekar just tells his followers that they are free to do whatever they wish BUT subject to the consequences (positive or negative) of their actions. Pretty simple psychology in my opinion....we reap what we sow!
I am at a loss to understand why Eli cheated on Gangaji but am confident that basic psychology could explain it way better than advaita or any other 'spritiual' system. I'd paste his moral/emotional 'weakness' on some unresolved childhood issues which, I believe, motivate almost everything we humans do....enlightened or not. Most of what I currently understand has been gained from psychology and therapy more than 'spirituality' and when combined the two disciplines cover much if not all I need to 'get' for now. My hope is that Eli, his mistress and Gangaji will find a loving way through this and come out better on the other side.
Meanwhile, I am gaining all that I can from the 'useful' messages and pointers of all the teachers I encounter regardless of their 'dark sides'...even if I do not understand why they act that way.

Your anger and sarcasm are slightly unbecoming. As a self-proclaimed judge of others, it might be worth looking in the mirror for a change.

John, at my age (61) I look in the mirror at myself as little as possible. Thanks for saying that I'm only "slightly" unbecoming. That sounds fine to me. My expectations aren't too high for myself, either physically or mentally.

Judge Judy?

Tony Parsons transmits the view that he alone is telling us this unique fact that the reality is that we don't exist as seperate beings.
He is a bit ignorant really because that is what every great mystic or prophet has said.

They chose to teach those who still live every breath in the idea of seperation in a way that they could understand so that they would be able to contemplate themselves and find that serenity and peace that is their home.

I have been to Mr Parsons meetings and he is quite a charismatic man. He has a lot of devotees who hang on his every word when peoples questions are dismissed with the set answer "theres no one there" the laughing from the devotees arised as if to say "poor fools If only they knew"

I do not question his ultimate truth but I don't think he is helping anyone much.

All he is doing is giving people another belief system. They go in thinking they can do things to find freedom and some come out thinking that they can't do anything.

He would say that is helping them to put down a burden but that not helpful to most people.
Most people just go away thinking they are helpless but that is a nonsense because if we are all one energy then the point is that you are one.
You are not powerless you are the very source of everything. You have to let go of conditioning by self observation not because you have a new belief system

His background as Sanyasin of Rajneesh makes me suspect that he learnt well and is enjoying his place on the stage and the easy money that it brings in.

His whole site is all about how he is unique and that his method is producing results.

To quote Maharaj :"It is very often so with Americans and Europeans. After a stretch of spiritual practice they become charged with energy and frantically seek an outlet. They organise communities, become teachers of Yoga, marry, write books - anything except keeping quiet and turning their energies within, to find the source of the inexhaustible power and learn the art of keeping it under control"

I agree with Peter S. It finally takes one to know one. Trash talk in, trash talk out, and you go nowhere. Words out of context make for religious wars. I'm not impressed by those
who are offended by another's path, and claim their own sense of moral outrage as being the one true way. No wonder Trungpa became an alcoholic philanderer; just so he wasn't held to a scandal prison of the self righteous. The Zen Koans are meaningless without the experience, It is a short path.

Projections. Trolls indeed (sorry not all of you).
I wonder if they are Happy Now.

That a Zen master can transmit, or that
a typical jnani can transmit, is not true.
You will not even get anything in the company of Saints.

But, there is a rare breed such as Ramana
Maharshi whom could trasmit. Ramana,
a jnani, had contacted Something Else,
which he stated he could transmit.

This is much more than simple enlightenment.

There is a true and real Power behind it.

Ramana stated the Power was on the top
of the head. He stated the Power could
open all brain centers without kundalini
rising, from the top down.

He stated it could only be contacted now.

Ramana called it the Higher Self, which is
an unfortunate choice of words.

He spoke of the Higher Heart center. In
Indian philosophy the kundalini moves up the
shushumna to the 1000 petal lotus.

But, most people don't know that after that it can come back down into the Higher Heart center on the right side of the chest.

Ram Chandra also spoke of this and called the Power pranahuti.

At this point, true compassion opens
to the person. This Compassion is the
Something Else most enlightened people are
unaware exists.

This Compassion has Power and it spreads.
It flows from those in contact to the
outside world and radically changes things
IN REAL LIFE for the better.

Not necessarily for the individual, but
for the world. Compassion is the ultimate sacrifice
and the ultimate Power.

This is horrendous, and a lot of you I hope are ashamed to have thought you were involved in Advaita ('real', or 'neo').
It is just as many other blogs on the internet: Assuming you know the 'other', rather than Dialoguing with them. RRather, some of you are in a battle with another person, whom you do not know!
Also, the claims about some teachers are the same thing. Who knows? Certainly not most of you lot! Urgh!
I hope some of you will -if not agree- then laugh with what I have said. By now.

" Much of the impact of an advaitic (or neo-advaitic for that matter) teacher is the experiential shift that occurs in the consciousness of the student in the presence of the teacher."

---Experiential shift from what or where? If that is what much of the impact is, then what is the minor remaining part?

The neo-advaita is an unfortunate watered-down deluded version of traditional advaita!

Here is an article that analyses 6 core differences and problems with the neo-advaita approach: http://liveanddare.com/neo-advaita/

It speaks similar criticisms to the ones in this post, so I think you will enjoy.

The problem with Neo-Advaita is it doesn't speak about the Transformation,Purification of the Mind.

It is a western - nonsense - way of reducing the spirituality to a joke.

It doesn't matter if one is self realized or not.The Mind should be free from clutches of Lust,desires,attachment and hate,negativity,anger etc etc.That is wisdom.

Just telling there is nothing to do and you are already that is nonsense and it defeats the purpose.

Meditation,Purification - inner transformation is the Goal.To be a good human is the Goal.
Not SR - superficially claiming I AM Consciousness.

Ok if at all answer is all ready given - You are the consciousness - so one will act with out Using Mind and Body - one will think,react with the same conditioned mind.

Who is getting transformed,purified etc are pure bullshit served - intellectual nonsense.
Advaita Vedanta is about transformation of Mind and then transcending.
It is not transcending the Mind with all impurities and realize some thing.

At school I had a very temperamental and dysfunctional history teacher, he was nevertheless the best teacher I ever had. If individuals were more interested in content instead of containers, there would be less apathetic diciples and less spiritualised egos to gurify them.

Regarding Neo Advaita, I always considered it was a fast food, half baked approach to awakening. Fantastic for the western crowd who love that "nothing to do", "nowhere to go", finally a nice "awaken while you sleep" philosophy.

My life experience is that the dissolution of the ego is a very tiny step on the process of rebirth. Most of those self-appointed Neo Advaita YouTube "teachers" are stuck in this limbo zone and are pushing their disciples in the same hole.

Nisargadatta: “To go beyond the mind, you must have your mind in perfect order. You cannot leave a mess behind and go beyond."

Sri Aurobindo: "…These things, when they pour down or come in, present themselves with a great force, a vivid sense of inspiration or illumination, much sensation of light and joy, an impression of widening and power. The sadhak feels himself freed from the normal limits, projected into a wonderful new world of experience, filled and enlarged and exalted;what comes associates itself, besides, with his aspirations, ambitions, notions of spiritual fulfillment and yogic siddhi; it is represented even as itself that realisation and fulfillment.
Very easily he is carried away by the splendour and the rush, and thinks that he has realised more than he has truly done, something final or at least something sovereignly true. At this stage the necessary knowledge and experience are usually lacking which would tell him that this is only a very uncertain and mixed beginning; he may not realise at once that he is still in the cosmic Ignorance, not in the cosmic Truth, much less in the Transcendental Truth, and that whatever formative or dynamic idea-truths may have come down into him are partial only and yet further diminished by their presentation to him by a still mixed consciousness. He may fail to realise also that if he rushes to apply what he is realising or receiving as if it were something definitive, he may either fall into confusion and error or else get shut up in some partial formation in which there may be an element of spiritual Truth but it is likely to be outweighted by more dubious mental and vital accretions that deform it altogether."

Sri Aurobindo, from above ... says:
'... he may either fall into confusion and error or else get shut up in some partial formation in which there may be an element of spiritual Truth but it is likely to be outweighted by more dubious mental and vital accretions that deform it altogether'

I wonder what Papaji would have to say about Mooji, that's if He could get a word in edge-ways/wise!

Disclaimer: I'm not a follower of Gangaji and I believe Neo-Advaita teachers in general got it all wrong.


“If you claim to have turned your back on being a human animal, having a lengthy sexual affair with one of your students is just a touch contradictory (to put it mildly).”

Discovering your real nature doesn't keep you from being an animal, like discovering all of a sudden that you are wealthy doesn't keep you from being stupid. You really have little clue about what this is about.

"Another proponent of Neo-Advaita, Francis Lucille..."

It's clear that you cannot even make the difference between Advaita and Neo-Advaita and they are really far away in their methods and aims: http://www.advaita.org.uk/discourses/trad_neo/trad_neo.htm

If you know nothing about a particular subject maybe you shouldn't go into that, dude.

This article is gossip and nothing more.

Master Charan Singh once said that, ultimately, we are all God. Our outer Master projects himself from the Shabd. He projects himself as the Radiant Form so we can recognize him inside. We merge in to our Master, the Shabd, and the Shabd merges in to The Father, making us ultimately God. But in that same conversation, he also said that souls recognize other souls in Sach Khand which is Sat Nam, the Goal of Sant Mat. He also said a flame of a lighted candle may be merged in to a larger flame, then removed with a candle flame still burning, So is that the same flame that merged, or a new flame when it was removed. It s a Conundrum of Advaitism.

Tao tightly wrapped in EGO

I have attended one of Gangaji's workshops and listened to many of her CD's and Video Tapes. For me, she has been one of my greatest teachers. By her examples of working with her workshop attendees, I was finally felt safe enough to inquire deeply into my own issue with my Mother. I discovered that the issue was never really about my mother. I also realized how much I was like my mother. The result is a deep and honest experience of forgiveness. It took 5 decades. By Gangaji's example, I have reached a comfort in my skin that elicits much more respect from those who I meet. One thing I love about Gangaji is that I have not been asked to believe anything. I have only been asked to inquire within myself. As a result, I have had many experiences similar to her attendees. We are asked to give up all strategies for enlightenment and see what remains. The interesting thing about that is that strategies are from the past. Inquiry is in the present. This is why when inquiring about our fear to only see what is there, it disappears. Inquiry can only be done in the present where fear does not exist. I can only surmise I am in the present moment from hindsight when my sense of I disappears and I have nothing to defend. Is this enlightenment? I don't know. I haven't heard Gangaji comment on it. I know my life is better off for it in all ways. Gangaji has also stated she is NOT a guru. She also states she has challenges just like everyone else. She also talks about more subtle states of consciousness rather than higher states. Am I enlightened? I don't know. That is not an issue for me. Experiencing more and more that love that is beyond understanding is very important. That ability to listen more deeply to my wife and others I meet is very important. Feeling safe enough to fully experience the energy associated with childhood trauma is very important. I see the teachings of Gangaji as an important step, not the ultimate.

This seems extremely strange as these Gurus should be well aware of karma and the Hindu duality of being,
keeping control of the material self should be lesson one in his existence, I do not understand how he could even presume to teach others if he has not conquered or can at least control his emotions and senses,
it should not be considered a juicy tidbit to gossip over but a sad state of affairs for these beliefs, not being able to give the spiritual power required for his Atman to prevail is unfortunate and hopefully, in his next lifetime he and or they will do better.

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