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October 11, 2006


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Excellent, time-tested advice. (re-ligio) derives from the Latin "to tie back to", apt in that these patterns are both binding and in need of being anchored.

Therefore, (as Lao says) how do we recognize that this is Tango, and not St Vidas'? The pattern and the non-pattern arise together. To effectively doubt that we have a broken habit, pattern or meme, we must recognize the habit for what it is, not more and not less.

The gift of doubt is purchased at the cost of understanding.

Edward, good points. Yes, there has to be both pattern and non-pattern to avoid chaos. An epileptic fit isn't dancing (though this pretty aptly describes my high school style).

Tango is all about fitting together a jigsaw puzzle of potential pieces. The pieces aren't anything at all; they have a definition to them. Again, if this wasn't the case you couldn't call it "Tango."

But my instructor convincingly says (I've forgotten the exact mathematical reason) that if you performed each potential Tango move--a combination of what you and your partner each can separately do--at the rate of one move per second it'd take billions of years to run through the possibilities.

There's no end to the freshness of life, it seems.

Dear Brian,
No doubt. (Unless I misunderstand.)
Robert Paul Howard

Oh, Edward, your last sentence "The gift of doubt is purchased at the cost of understanding" was not encased in quotation marks; therefore, I take it to be an original.

How simple; yet, so profound!

I wish I could take credit for it. As I cannot, I'm glad you brought it into my reality.

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