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September 29, 2006


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Nicely put. I had a couple of friends that followed Radha Swami many years ago. I read the RSSB a couple of times and the thing I got from it was "In the beginning was the word". Simple vibration...the shock wave that makes things move and begets life. "the spirit that moves in all things" As Tom Brown's Apache friends' grandfather called it!

My friend turned out to be an awful person that was cruel to his family and wife. He felt very special to have a living master.

I like reading your thoughts. Thanks

Per the discussion, if we assume all superstitions, (eg.: knocking on wood placates the lares, household gods in ancient Rome) then we stray exceedingly far from the position Plotinus was taking vis-a-vis the transendent "One". In Greek terms, each extant has a corresponding "ideal". Plotinus replaces this system with the monad, which is the container of all extants.

A-theism is lack of a god or gods. We do not consider that someone who has not joined our faith is a-theistic, we consider them unbelievers. I am not a-moral because I do not have your set of morals. I am immoral.

Of course the exclusivity of the ego is replaced by the exclusivity of the group. In-group/out-group dynamics is the entire study of sociology. It is why religions are effective, but it is also why football is entertaining.

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