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September 25, 2006


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Marcel is a friend whom I met through my daughter. I have been to Marcel a few times for readings and have found him to be unbelievably accurate. The last time I sat with Marcel, there were two specific issues in my life that I needed some insight on. At the very beginning of my reading, he addressed one of the issues, and then he went on to address the other. All with NO guidance or hints from me. To have a reading with Marcel is a wonderful experience -- and I highly recommend it for believers and skeptics alike.

To Doreen. May I ask, "Does Marcel charge a fee for his readings?" Charging a fee is No Big Deal. I'm just curious.

To Brian. May I ask, "Did Marcel discuss anything about your Dad?" Again, No Big Deal. Just curious.

Thanks for reply,

Brain, I envy you on how you write; I wish I could.. I laugh my ass off! And I guess I recocnize your points easy like we all do here. Its good to have you around!

Roger, see the update that I've added to the post. You, Marcel, and my wife all noted that I never mentioned my father. Now I have.

In case Doreen doesn't reply, Marcel's usual fee is, I believe, $100 for a two-hour reading. Sure seems reasonable to me.

He told us that for over twenty years he didn't charge at all for readings. When he started to do so, his medium mentor was shocked.

To my mind, this reflects well on both Marcel and his mentor. It's clear that Marcel isn't into what he's doing for the money, because he could be a lot more commercial than he is.

Thanks for reply. Your trip to LA, got me thinking. It's been three years since I traveled thru LA, from Vegas, then on to Sequoia (sp?) Nat. Park, back to Vegas. Cool vacation. I need to make that loop again. While in LA, visit the Ennis House and Bradbury building. Then, on to see the big guy; Gerneral Sherman. I need to book a round trip ticket to Vegas, asap.
Thanks for inspiring me......Roger


Just a thought:
the shadow/dark side is not knowable, by definition. So although there may be some influence in your life that brought darkness, you recognize it. If you recognize it, you can fight and bring light, but it is not your shadow.

So there is something else.

I think by far my favorite thing about this post is that all this yakity yak about mediums and spirit served to inspire Roger to book the next flight out to Sin City... that just tickled me to no end. :-)

I love Vegas. The first time I went to Vegas I thought I would hate it. Boy, was I so so wrong. I love the electricity, the duplicity and the invisibility that Vegas feeds and draws from me. Hey, let me make one thing clear. My ability to tune into spirit has nothing to do with my own personal battle with God, morality, religion or humanity.

It just so happens that every so often, I have to put "me" on pause, and help one soul on one side of the highway send a message to a soul on th eother side. That's it. There's nothing unique, paranormal or extra-terrestrial about it. My only desire is that if I am going to do this, at least let me be somewhat good at it.

The truth is that I am at constant odds with the world. Often times, I'm just like a paroled, but not forgiven, carny running the ghost train ride at the county fair - lost somewhere between the joyous noise of nostalgia and the cotton candy fragrance of escape.

The difference is, I know that the fair never closes, so I do what I know how to do best... keep the ride moving for the thrill seekers thirsting to explore the darkness beyond the tracks.

Tickets, please. ;-\

Hi Marcel;

I think I understand your Vegas comments. When I vacation, I tend to mix the Wildside with the Outside. Vegas is kinda located near a number of National Parks.

There is the Wildside of Vegas. Thank God for the ancient Philosophy, "What happens in Vegas,.....Stays in Vegas."

Hi Brian:
My initial reaction to you visiting a medium was one of almost shock, disappoinment and surprise. I believed you were way above that stuff.
Actually I still do think that - all I can say is keep on writing - great reading whatever.

Isha, I don't feel like I'm above anything. I understand what you're saying, and I'm not one to put forth a false humility when I consider that I really do know something.

But here's the truth: I don't know whether it is possible to communicate with departed souls. Or, for that matter, if there is such a thing as "departed souls." I just don't know.

My wife has gone to a number of mediums and psychics. She's convinced that they're for real. Laurel is a grounded, truthful, spritual woman. Her belief in what many call "channeling" is sincere and well-founded.

I'm open to new experiences. I'm open to having my mind changed through new information. I found Marcel as believable as any other "mystic" who claims knowledge of the Beyond. Meaning, his experience is his own; it isn't mine.

So until I experience what he, or anyone else, claims to know about the hereafter, it's just a hypothesis for me. Anyway, Marcel just happened to come into my life. I didn't seek him out, but I'm glad I met him and had the reading.

Like I said, I gained some insights into myself and my family relationships. And that's certainly worth what my session cost. Which was nothing.

Marcel needs 2 hours just to put together disjointed pieces that most mediums and string into complete sentences and meaningful messages. He spends too much time justifying himself and b-lining the listener to make Lincoln/Kennedy connections with words he finds, as well as insisting he's right while making assumptions about the sitter that have no basis in experience or knowledge of them. Sadly, people can't post anything truthful and realistic of their experience of psychics if it has any negativity in review on the Best psychic directory, so he gets to look like he's actually a good medium - they won't put it up.

We can be our own psychic. Blavatsky called it the Akashic Records and Tom Campbell calls it a database which we can contact by using our intent. Makes me think that satsangis who have an intent to see and meet their guru during meditation will probably experience just that. Its just information in a database and we can access it if we want.

Non physical reality is just a different focus, just connecting with a different data stream. There is a youtube featuring Tom Campbell called "Akashic Record: The art of querying the database" if anyone is interested.

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