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September 13, 2006


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Maybe if evolution wasn't taught as an atheistic dogma, Americans wouldn't find it repulsive.

Those who look at the creative hand of evolution and believe that blind, unconscious selection of random mutations in gene-driven robots somehow accounts for all of it - are powerfully deluded. Evolution is far more interesting than that.

I've covered this on one of my blogs, here:


and here:


It is interesting that the survey did not provide an option for the Advaita understanding of "God" -- that everything is God, that everything is One.

Thank you Matthew for raising another set of important points.
It is interesting that the Advaita understanding of God was not included in the survey. This is an understanding that would be mirrored in at least some Christian mystics view.
I enjoyed your comments about evolution.
As a trained ecologist and environmental scientist I have not ever bought into the blind, random, pure chance view of evolution.
Partly because that is as much putting a human conception onto nature (chance) as suggesting it is purposive (creationism/design).
Only this lunchtime I was looking at all the spiders webs in my garden and wondering. The spiders themselves can have no concept that spinning a web to trap prey is a cunning development. Yet something about the genes does, unless you subscribe to random, chance effects.
There is surely some form of intelligence at work here. Perhaps we need to find a paradigm that is inclusive of the intelligence within nature that does not posit a 'designer' in the sense of the personal God?

"Too many people believe too many crazy things to allow these delusions into the public policy arena. They need to be kept isolated in religious minds so they don’t infect the body politic with irrationality."

"We demand that religion be held a private affair so far as the state is concerned."
from Novaya Zhizn, No. 28, December 3, 1905. Signed: N. Lenin.


Relying on USA Today for accurate information. Oy.

Will Durst observes:

The American people want drive through nickel beer night.

The American people want to lose weight by eating sour cream and onion potato chips.

The American people want to clip Get Out Of Jail Free coupons from the Sunday Comics section.

The American people would chew off their own foot if Jerry Springer told them there was liquid gold in their ankle veins.

20 percent of the American people didn't understand the question so much they thought Ross Perot was the answer.

The American people think Bruce Willis can actually dodge bullets.

The American people love the Home Shopping Network because its commercial free.

68 percent of the American people still believe Professional Wrestling is legitimate.

This is a little off topic but there are many Christian scientists more than you would think, and it seems more and more evident the higher into the Sciences you arrive that strengthens the case of Christianity. I believe that God created everthing then rested. I also believe that after JC came to the world and the 100 years afterwards you dont need all that Lightning bolt strike,crap, like "Here me for I am your LORD" it didnt work in the Old testament and it definitely wont work in the 21st Century.

I'd prefer this metaphysical version of "Family Feud" on the game show network.

"100 people surveyed, top five answers oin the board; Name something that describes your conception of God.

Survey SAYS!..."

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