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August 14, 2006


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Why is it important to disprove that the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god does not exist?

Just because I am married now, doesn't mean I have to eradicate all evidence of my crazy girlfriend from the eighties. She threatened me with a knife one time - I have evidence that she is dangerous.

It is possible to live in the world and not really care about what the religious are doing. Stenger has driven himself to the point of saying that evil exists. But this is a strictly scientific point of view?

Anoia is the goddess of things that stick in the kitchen drawer. She eats corkscrews. I may have proof that she exists.

I'm still single. Is your crazy girlfriend from the eighties still available? haha...just kidding....

You'd like her, she was astounding in that please-don't-desecrate-my-corpse-when-you-decapitate-me-after-mating kind of way.

I think, I believe...........No, I "KNOW" I got your message!!!! Haha......thanks for the specific lanaguage.
Best wishes.......


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