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August 06, 2006


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In the beginning, i was told that the reason why a satsangi could not reveal his inner experience was because "honesty" could inflate his ego.
Now these days, i think that striving to obtain inner experiences is futile in terms of perfecting one's own character.
Living in this world itself means going through spritual experience. It's more precious, real, scientific and objective. Controlling one's anger is more praiseworthy than listening to bells.
I haven't experienced anything that RSSB claims to exist. So I don't know.
I sit down and meditate for 1 hour or sometimes 2 hours if good conditions, but i don't know. That's only answer i get.
I will keep meditating with "not knowing" attitude. I thought I knew Sach Kand was the ultimate goal, Escaping Kal's dominion was imminent, eating a piece of cake that contains egg white leads to hell. Now I don't know.
I remember Big Satsang in Europe w years ago. Sevadars were selling master's pictures,(I should have suspected at that time) Beutiful satsangi ladies with wet handkerchief.
I think joining Radha Soami itself was a good spiritual experience. Lesson? I remember that Buddha once said to his disciples before his death "Rely on yourself"
I keep saying to myself "Don't be lazy. Do some research, you shall find the truth"
Greatest lesson from radha soami.

thank you Mr. Hines.

goodairs satsangui

Goodairs, you've got a positive attitude. Yes, like the X-files TV show told us, "the truth is out there." We've just got to find it.

Not-knowing is a step away from truth. Unfounded belief is two steps away. Maybe more. Illusion has to be discarded before reality appears.

Not-knowing is humble. It's being open to the truth in whatever form it manifests, rather than saying "it must be this way, and only this way."

Nice to hear from you. Like you, I believe that if we sincerely search, we will find.

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