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August 26, 2006


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Dear Brian,
Some few Christians might not like the "abomination" of girls wearing PJs that have pants. (Cf. Dt. 22:5 [KJV].) Fortunately, others do differ in their interpretations.
Robert Paul Howard

Let's see:
fall out shelter - check
duct tape - check
plastic sheeting - check
carbon monoxide detector - check
mood ring - check
phrenology map - check
hurricane insurance - check
Armor of God PJs - check
bullet-proof vest - check
Farmer's Almanack - check

Ready for superstition!

Edward, you forgot the shotgun. Or better, an Uzi. If you're going to have a bullet-proof vest, you really need to be able to return fire. More sporting that way.

oh, but guns are actually effective

pics of Belly dancers - check

I'm sorry I hadn't checked in for a while.

Glad that the Armor of God pj's were a hit! I can't wait for the blanket! Or, better yet, a belly dancer blanket! Yeah!

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