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August 20, 2006


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Dear Brian,
Although my remark is quite aside from the point of your composition today (mostly taken from Emerson) .......: according to the "Bible" (as used by Christians), the "Sabbath" is Saturday (not Sunday). Ask any Jew. (Or ask any well-informed student of Biblical history.) Of course, when I have pointed that out to some certain Christian believers, they have told me that I should go to hell for eternity for saying such a thing. Unfortunately, that sort of reaction is far too common among far too many "Christians" (and paralleled by far too many others of other strains of "religious belief"). Most regretable.
Robert Paul Howard

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Emerson at Harvard Divinity

The thrush itself brings deception, and the wine is out of season.
From Spring we have grieved for what hasn’t happened, wasted
Nines, evensong; and I haven’t seen my family since Christmas.
Lo, the Genius of our administration has brought forth a poet

To break Our Lord’s balls. Steeped in community three decades, and now
Besought to look, oh inward, for the pulse pushing piety, or the true
Ignominy. I will have enough trouble with a parish, my poverty
And the artfulness of the seven sins: In illness best seek hospice.

Certainly this private prince is alone in the world, closeted in prayer,
Yet closeted in thought, deed and further deprived of compassion.
Any common cluck has read the Vedant: What contradiction is this?
We are told not to tell; sought not to seek; taught not to teach.

Gracious God, weakly we thank thee, and more weakly still, humanity.
The races and faiths of ages rising from debasement to debasement
Are further abused by the rule of Holy Days, coupled with such
Precious lavation. Jesus, Jesus and your sparrow are falling.

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