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August 18, 2006


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Hi Brian;
Enjoyed reading your discussion. Practically, every one is a derivation of the Basic theme. The readings are fun. I hope in the future, you might have another discussion on Symbols and Rituals. I have a number of examples, I wonder might be such or not. This is a nothingish issue, just something interesting to chat about.
Best wishes..........

Brian and readers,

Here is an eye-opening site which exposes all the truth about the great myth:


Sant Mat and its various branches is nothing but a fabricated religious belief system, built upon a pack of lies which are promoted and defended by dogmatic, insecure, and foolish power and fear mongers.

I am so glad you are reclaiming your evolution in RSSB. These devotional talks, the insistence on the fundamentals, your unwavering focus on the truth of your awakening, if not the methodology: truly an inspiration.

Although no spiritual leader would need my empathy, one has to spare a thought for spiritual teachers. Well-meaning devotees spend their time praising the Master, and the Master spends all his time breaking those praises down.

Devotee: When we are in the presence of the living master we reap infinite spiritual benefits.

Master: Do not look at my human form as beneficial, it is the Shabd that is real master, and it is omniscient.

Devotee: Think of the Master's words as coming from the Lord Himself.

Master: Don't listen to my words only, look within for yourself.

Devotee: Initiation from the Master is a true spiritual birth, that has saved you from the clutches of Kal.

Master: Even if a student goes to a good school and receives instructions, but doesn't study, then where is the benefit?

..and so forth..

I am glad to read that you are "still 100% devoted to the true RSSB teachings".
With God's Whisper being one of my favourite reads ever, I was really disspointed to think it might be otherwise.

Master impressed on us, with no room for misunderstanding, both in South Africa and in Beas last year ,that the purpose of an initiate is to experience the "Path" for themselves and NOT to take anything anyone (including himself) says as truth. We have to experience all for ourselves.

I agree with you that many initiates do not seem to understand this and still expect all to happen by divine intervention.

Fat Chance!

the radha swami masters of the beas lineage were and are the moet wonderful people on earth.

the radha swami masters are frauds.

i want to know abt Satsang Ghar At city Brisbane, Queensland .We r also satsangi and we r new at brisbane, Australia. We belong To India.

We beleive most in BABA GURINDER SINGH JI.. HE is GOD for us.. we pay great thanks to HIM for HIS priceless teachings given to us.. my husband is also blessed by NAAM from HIM..i also want to be Blessed by him..and m also waiting for that moment...
We r here only bcoz f our GOD...
we also feel HIM with us in every moment we r missing DERA so much..

RSSB official website: http://www.rssb.org/index.php

shilpi sandhu

Click on official website: http://www.rssb.org/index.php, then click on Contact, then on map of Australia for contact details.

Visiting this blog always brings in my mind a sense of elation that my master is being discussed here sometimes very harshly and other times very lovingly. I always say that Brian is more close to Master Charan Singh than me.

The curtain of ego between me and my Master will remain till I am alive and I shall never be able to see him within. It is my shortcoming I know it. My sincerity in meditation will not yield the desired results. I succumb. Yet I vow to tread the path of the Master...............

I must stop now before someone in the blog asks me to shut up.....

Beloved GAZ ;
Beloved Brian
Beloved Dr David

From the form to the formless !
I irritated many adviatis ( non-duality ) followers
by the expression :

" It takes TWO to dance the Tango "

This is the reason, I wrote that recommended letter to MaharaJI almost 50 years ago, I referred here to recently.

He showed me a very high place , Sat Nam, Anami
and made me be That
Like David Lane, GAZ , Brian, Observer, Sita, June Tucson : PURE LOVE it was all what I ever wished.

It made me realize that God IS really IS : . . this Giant Hyper Stream of SAINTS
towards a center, which ever increases
This Stream which is LOVE and is God.
Btw : I'm not sant far from that but once made a Good deal - I told already about
The Stream I communicate with, which I received and I got Darshan from Beautiful MaharaJi from Sawan, Jagat Yes,
actual BabaJI, Jaimal, Shiv Dayal, Tulsi and so many many more
from all kind of religions from all corners of the earth and so many planets, universes
We can just dive in all of them, join , in The Sound of/in Them each willing Soul can, each willing empathic soul can already love the ( formless ) sweet tiny and already unbelievable Sound.

No books°, . . GurinderJi is right, no IQ°, NO CHURCH :) ,no speakers, no explanations , . . easy does it.
but reading helps with fine goose bumps
Every word and sentence is SO Relative and SO personal !

So, Let me ever be in this State of Loving the Beautiful form of MaharaJI and the formless Sound AT THE SAME TIME,
which I tried to explain on this blog 2 years ago too :
All Souls : if you want : go Alakh Agam Anami Radha Soami
( just book° IQ_less expressions covering pure "time_space_no time_no space"
The Highest of The High"
I for once only need my Master who gave me and my wife during half a century
so many ever increasing beautiful seconds

( just trying to explain how these new Satsang Ghars around the world give Darshan too and they need no speakers.


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