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August 08, 2006


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What if the choice isn't either tune in OR turn on? What if there's both? (I always want to be the boy at the party with the most cake!)

Your wonderful site shows me that I am not alone in feeling "in tune" with creation, fleetingly or substantially. That synchronicity, jibing, whatever you may call it, is an intended condition, ie: seekable.

This condition brings a very good feeling: invigorating; enlivening. I can't compare my insides with your outsides, so I can only report that when I feel existential approval, for the old ego, this is that feeling.

And when I need objective proof of the rightness of my cognitive powers, I am happy in my scientific conclusions as well, through this feedback.

I can't seem to get outside all creation effectively enough to judge if it is not meeting my needs, since it is the font of those needs.

But where is my social system? And what is my supernatural agent? If they are not, respectively, the scientific community and the scientific method, I am lost! I become a charlatan, a deluded "believer" in things unprovable.

But then, that would be okay, too. As Walt Whitman said, "I contain universes."


You were gracious enough to write me back when I wrote to you a few months ago. And you said perhaps people like you and I do not belong anywhere? And I have been thinking.. Perhaps that is the case. Like so many, I had through my life, since a child been 'searching'. I don't quite know when I decided that I was finally a 'spiritual' being, and not a religious one. But this works. It makes sense to me. Spiritualism is in all aspects of our lives. It is more then just God, or what ever your higher power is. It's a state of being. A mind set. A blending of the Earth, and Sky, and all things in between.

I truely do enjoy your site Brian, and thank you for being a like minded spirit. It's nice not to feel so all alone out there.

Gods Bless,


What I find disconcerting is how the power of thought can really mess with objective reality (whatever that is). I recently had a conversation with a person of a particular religious denomination who held such conviction about the teachings I could not see one ounce of doubt in her. For her, that is the reality of the world. I was quite moved by her conviction, and I respect it, as my resource for conviction is as empty as a car tank never filled. What struck me later was that when it comes to quality of life, whether her belief is phantom/dilusion or not, she feels safe and at peace.

And that's all through thought! So what's going on, is that cliche about "the world is what you make it" going to come back to haunt me?

Your discussion and the comments that followed were pleasant to read. I'm guessing the "like-minded" group is growing.
I do hope that the "searching aspect" to Spiritually is still there. The fun for me is in the process, the investigation, the analysis, the observations, etc. This searching stuff is more fun for me when I stay neutral and open-minded. Best wishes......Oh and pray for Heidie please.....haha

Roger, I'd be pleased if either Heidi, Travis, or Benji wins "So You Think You Can Dance." For me, this would help prove that either there is a just god, karma rules, or American TV watchers have good taste.

I'm astounded that Danylle (or however her name is spelled) is still in the competition. Allison should be in the top four rather than her, for sure.

Brian, thanks for reply, I trust the gang of four (Heidi, Allison, Travis and Benji) will go on to great dancing and intertainment careers. I base this conclusion on a famous Religious and Spiritual concept know as; PURE TALENT.
Best wishes..........

Would you happen to remember the cliches from 2000 to 2008
Ex. 2000 was the New Millennium
2002- threw in 2002
2003- all baout Thee (God) in 2003
2004- No more in 2004
2005- staying alive in 2005
2006- in the mix in 2006
2007- going to heaven in 2007
2008-great in 2008

Pearls Before Swine in 2009


Wonderful tAo. Thanks.

Alright Jayme...and here's a few more from my neck of the woods:

A Country Boy Can Survive

Copperhead Road

Black Velvet

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