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July 15, 2006


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Smashing post. Thanks. I think. Having read your snippets, I now feel I must buy the book. That being said, thanks. In earnest.

Always had a soft spot for Carl's work. Here's an excellent reminder of why. Brilliant mind, he has. And good commentary you give.

I've read several of Sagan's books, including 'Demon Haunted World.' Demon is a great book - probably my favorite of his. It is the last that Sagan wrote and I get a sense in a few chapters that he knows his time is limited. He discusses his philosophies about a wide range of subjects.

The end was very moving for me as well as Dryan writes about Sagan after he has died. I cried for humanity's loss. Who knows what 20 more years of Sagan would have produced.

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