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July 21, 2006


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When the monk went to Vermont, he wanted to sit zazen in the open at day break. A dairy farmer came along and asked the monk what he was doing. The monk said, "In the Soto Tradition, like Zenji, we seek to pass the barrier."

The farmer said, "What the hell barrier are you talking about? You're trespassing!" The farmer grabbed the monk and started frog-marching him off the property.

But the monk was earnest, and said, "Mu!"

Of course the farmer thought he was saying "moo," which he took as a sort of New School criticism of his chosen bucolic lifestyle.

The farmer bopped the monk on his head.

Heading down the turnpike and heading down the mind turnpike arise simultaneously. How do you know you want Wu-men's samedi? Run away from your feet!

Goodbye spirituality, hello God.

where can i buy !!the living meditation !! from please

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