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July 11, 2006


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I agree, spirituality should be simple. Do you ever wonder if Plotinus ever found the truth of spirituality?

I don't see this as baffling, this to me is the clearest, sanest apprehension of reality in words: one power, one being, one life.

The surprising part for me is always the illusion of separation, which is fun once you realize you don't have to believe it.

I don't trust my senses, my memory, my experience, to tell me the truth about anything. I don't put my faith into one discrete part of experience or expression. And since I can't pay attention to everything at once, yet life goes on without me or you, I expect that the whole, (the one) is really the over-riding intelligence.

My faith or lack is not tied to the material: it is all. I guess it could be foolish to associate love and knowledge, but destruction and devolution are available to me as well. At any given time, it feels better emotionally and physically to assume I am loved than to assume I am hated: I sleep better, and I think everyone does.

Which seems to equate faith with the basic needs. Robert Bly says: "A man and a woman are one. A man and a woman and a blackbird are one."

Say that outloud and you'll hear the blackbird fly.

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