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July 09, 2006


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Dear Brian
Regarding your observation

....."I’m open to the possibility that there is more to spirituality than fantasy. Yet I’m also convinced that before we can know whatever reality may lie beyond the physical, it’s necessary to be firmly in touch with the reality right before our eyes".........

I want to make a point regarding "reality". Is the world, and as it appears to us, real?

We perceive different kinds of material around us and yet we know(do we?) that colours we are perceiving are an illusion. That all the variety we are perceiving is an illusion becoz it originates from a few basic units, so called atoms.
Further we are not even sure of the 'real' nature of these units and their subunits. We have imagined many illusive kinds of subatomic particles arbitrarily.
We kind of manufacture the reality. We have to believe either one or another hypothesis, but we are never sure which one is right.
Do we know what is real, or shall we ever know?

Navyug, excellent questions. I don't know if we can know what is real. My experience is simply that there seems to be a difference between the reality that I manufacture within my own mind, and the reality that exists "out there" (whatever out there is).

The physical world may be an illusion on a deep level. Yet it appears to be more substantial than my thoughts and beliefs, which come and go. So I theorize that materiality rests on a firmer foundation than imaginings, concepts, and all that.

Thus my goal is to find that foundation. Mysticism teaches that you head in that direction by silencing the noisy mind and distinguishing between (1) ideas about spiritual reality and (2) the reality itself.

Subatomic particles may be part of maya. Yet they have subsisted for billions of years. I'm going to live for less than a hundred years, most likely. Which of us is less real?

A voice of reason:

"Wiser, because I’ve concluded that if I have to think or emote my way to reality, this isn’t a reality worth having."

"If there is a spiritual dimension to reality, it makes sense to me that higher laws of the cosmos also will operate naturally and spontaneously. When my inner vision is clear, I’ll experience them without effort..."


"Self"-approved more like?

There may be another reason for not accepting old Sant Mat books. I knew someone who was initiated in the 1950's. She had read the first edition of Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson. She said that she was upset that Johnson had used a phrase very condescending towards Black people. That phrase was taken out of the later editions, one of which I read.

I read Unquenchable Flame in a Representative's home library. It is now hard to find. It tells the story of Mrs. Johnson before she married him. She was in another Sant Mat ashram, a rival camp, and was seriously ill from overwork. Julian came along and took her to Beas. As he was a medical doctor, he cured her illness. She called him "my saviour" in that book. I guess no one wants people poking around for more information, because they will find out that she left the Dera and the Path broken hearted when her then husband, Julian Johnson, died at the Dera after being hit in the stomach by a satsangi during an arguement. I heard the cause of death story from a satsangi recently returned from Dera. Then I read the same in a blog someplace. Pretty tragic.

This may be mere speculation. A lady told me that Prince Charles was at the Dera at the time we were there, for a few days, anyways. She said he had had an interview with Gurinder about Princess Diana. He did not love Diana, he loved Camilla. Gurinder told him, according to this British satsangi, that he was "playing a role within a role." Evidently Charles took that to mean that he did not have to play pretend anymore and proceeded with the divorce.

You might type in "Prince Charles/religion/ The Sustainable Prince" and read about him. He really is not the dolt everyone supposes him to be. Evidently he is very New Age and follows in the footsteps of historic royals in wanting to promote a kind of modern fuedalism upon the world. This causes me to wonder about Gurinder Singh. As I say, this may be all speculation on my part: a Guru influenced Prince becoming king and having the power to change the monarchy to be favorable to an all relgions approach and also a despotic power trip, imposing a kind of fuedalism upon the masses, depriving them of their property and God given rights to live their own lives.

People who have a lot of power are a different breed. They seem not to mind having a lot of money and a lot of people doing free "seva" for them. Welcome to the neo'slavery.

Hi Aloe

The important thing about Dr.
Johnson's death was Sawan was there
at the Dera when it happenned. Sawan could
not protect him from being murdered.

You can read the story on the last page
of my book.


The true story was there was a sexual
misplay on her part with an Indian man.

But, it was a white man who killed Johnson
after the Indian man left.

She was not good looking at all and may have
had mental problems. Mrs. Bruce was previously
a Dayal Bagh satsangi.

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