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July 31, 2006


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"Alcohol brought out what was inside them."


I am not entirely clear on the concept of noteriety. Is it that someone who commands an audience is expected to be morally upright? Or that by being assumed to be morally upright, they command an audience? I am not convinced of someone's psychic condition based on their graphic output.

I do not usually observe myself ascribing high standards to people who claim or receive my attention. If someone is amusing, I am amused, and will tell others of my amusement. I probably won't tell them that there now exists the secret to absolute humor, and that all my amusement will be benchmarked starting now.

Mel Gibson is someone.

Yikes on dangerous behavior. Yikes, as well, on assuming I know the whole story.

Shameful? Yes.

A cry for help? Probably.

What is more shameful is the two-faced people who pretend to be outraged by Mel’s anti-Semitism but are at the same time outraged by Israel defending itself against state-sponsored terrorist actors. Terrorists that aim to bring about the destruction of the worlds only predominantly Jewish nation.

We all have biases and prejudices to a certain degree. In a drunken moment during the duress of BEING ARRESTED Mel said some stupid things to the cop that arrested him in private-he wasnt speaking in public for crying out loud!! What he said was between him and the cop who probaly would'nt have wrote what Mel said if he was'nt Jewish.

Well, Dennis, arrest reports are public information, so Gibson was indeed speaking publicly in that sense.

I'll agree with you that he was a stupid drunk. But he also was a stupid drunk who filmed "The Passion of the Christ."

That makes it understandable why there's so much interest in his words and actions.

It also points out the hypocrisy of religious zealots who claim that they've found the Lord, yet really haven't even found their own common humanity.

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