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July 27, 2006


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Richard Dawkins is a powerful guru. But he doesn't satisfy me nor the theory of evolution as currently constructed. And it is just a theory, it's never been reproduced in the labratory. A new species has never been created even w/ the most short lived creatures. And an explaination of the first self repilcating cell is off the chart. No matter if it did or didn't, it's just one more science. Some say "the force that drives evolution and the goal of evolution are the same thing". Guru dawkins will say that evolution has no goal, yet it selfevidently does. Higher degrees of organization.

That's when i realized the Sun is God. All the time looking for God and it's right over our head everyday. Oh course it's more accurate to say the Sun is the first Manifestation of God in the phyical universe but, that's getting a head.

At last i've found a way to prove it to the world. You'll all have to wait a few years but it's coming.

"Evolutionary theory directs us toward reality—the oneness of life on Earth. What could be more sacred than that?"

Amen, brother! Excellent post.

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