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July 19, 2006


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I favor stem cell research, but not with taxpayer money. This should be funded by the private sector.

This veto does not in any way stop private companies and researchers from researching this area for potentials.

The United States of America has become Waco, Texas or Jonestown, writ large - a fundamentalist cult led by a homicidal maniac.

Americans, get out now, before this fool pulls you all down with him!

Yes, and why not set up pregant women factories in china, korea and south america. Abort the fetus, sell it for a thou and give the girl 25 cents. ?

Anythinggoesnow, I'd like to suggest that you educate yourself about embryonic stem cell research before you comment on this subject again.

These stem cells are not in a woman's womb. They are the unused products of fertility clinics and will be discarded if not used for life-saving and life-enhancing medical research.

They are not fetuses. I've heard such ignorance expressed on conservative talk radio, where I wanted to scream at the caller, "Get your facts straight!" Fortunately, since this is my weblog, I can do just that.

Consider this comment my scream.

Point taken.. whoever, sure makes me feel good to piss off a liberal !!!

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