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June 29, 2006


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"Zero is where all the fun is,
There is too much counting everywhere else"

I tend to believe that the various mystics, yogis, shamans, etc. are tapping into something finer and subtler than what the average person can perceive. Now whether that "something" can be understood or known or put into a logical equation is another question altogether.

Brian, I think the "mystery" is here to stay; so get used to it brother, LOL!! There ain't no cushy way out of it; sooner or later we all have to take that plunge into the unknown! And maybe, we're already there!

I think one of the doorways for experiencing the "mystery" is through silence and stillness. For others, it may be baseball or a beautiful sunset.

But, all in all, I'm quite content in knowing that something subtler than what I can perceive probably exists. And, if not, no big deal.

Here's an interesting diagramming of knowledge and proof, from Michael Crichton via Derek Lin.

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