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June 17, 2006


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And even being lost has its gradients. Had you been prepared to spend the night in a snowy wood, being lost would have been fine, maybe the third worry after bears and cliffs.

Having "skin in the game" seems to be the tipping point. Concerned about my soul, I may choose to rationalize the workings of my spiritual life, since that method works for paying bills. As a child with no bills, organizing a check book seems silly to me. And so on.

Being an "extreme soul diver" means you can get lost, and being lost is not a concern. If you think there's a party somewhere, ask directions.

This aspect of your recounting of your experience in the woods may be intentional, ...or not:
Your very interesting and eloquent musings described a situation where you experienced a situation, and its effect on the mind, THINKING you were lost. Turned out you weren't. You just didn't have the feedback and assurance while you were figuring your way out. Sounds familiar?

I know this was written a while ago, but I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. You really summarized a conversation I have been having with my self and some friends, especially the part about feeling lost only when someone tells you that you are. Are you interested in revisiting this conversation via email?

Thanks! M

This is a great essay. Thanks for reviving it.

Maybe everyone feels lost from time to time.

However, even if one thinks they KNOW they are lost in the great spiritual cosmic scheme of things --- there is no way they can subtract their religious conditioning from that alleged knowing.

I didn't know I needed Jesus until somebody told me.

J. Krishnamurti probably had a few thoughts on this subject.

Matthew, sure -- email away. I'm happy to continue churchless sorts of conversations.

What ever happened of Edward?

Jesse Ventura puts his fingers in
ears and hears the music of
the spheres, to his astonishment.


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