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June 11, 2006


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Seems like within any idealogy, fundamentalism exists be it Christiantiy, RSSB, Islam, or even atheism.

IMO, just being open to what is, is the route to go. I think that in the end, we'll still be quite ignorant of the "mystery".

Perhaps we'll have some fleeting moments here and there during our lives where the "divine" presents itself in some awe- inspiring way.

But, will we ever know that it is part of the divine...I doubt it. In the end, it's still unknowable, it's still the unfathomable mystery.

It may be important to split some hair here. While actively in RSSB, you were a fundamentalist, and while that was true, you came to see that doubt is a valuable yoga. I am not entirely sure there is a defining moment when we become "non-fundamental." (What is that?)

Anyway, the tendency to proselytize, and the violence of that drive, is the danger of upper case Fundamentalists. By definition, the fundamentalist works strictly from basics. There is not a whole lot of nuance. The emotional negotiation required of advanced religious and philosophical thought requires training and long experience with a life lived in faith.

Obviously, and we know examples, everyone that sticks to basics is not a fear-monger: "keep it simple" is valid advice in some cases. But more importantly, the basics of established religions carry in them the unspoken instruction to keep an open mind - or there might be no open minds at all.

I think you are right: it is the clinging to the "contingent, subjective, shallow, or derivative," that creates the unsupportable platform for Fundamentalists.

But then, looking at our own experiences, maybe it is simply clinging at all.

Just wanted to drop a few lines to tell you I am an RSSB initiate also. I have moved so far away from the Path. Not by conscious choice but just the reality of my life. It just seemed to slip away.
One thing I do wonder about. If Master knew everything, why did he bother iniating me? I was doing much better as a seeker. Then wham.........my married life fell apart after 28 years. 6 years later I'm still out in the world living from day to day and missing RSSB. Oh well...........enough said. thanks for listening.

Like yourself, I was once a follower of spiritual paths, gurus, and in doubt about God. Then I found the liberating message of Dadaji.

One can free oneself from all forms of eastern spiritual fundamentalism, meditation, and spiritual paths, if one simply receives and imbibes the unique message of Dadaji.

The message of Dadaji can be found at:

















Please share Dadaji and his message with all who are truly seeking the Truth. Thank you sincerely.

dada prasada

To dada prasada. You stated: I found the liberating message of Dadaji. Could you discuss what that specific message was? As directed to you. Could you please tell me specifically what you needed to be liberated from? Once liberated, could you specifically describe the Truth that you were seeking and found? As stated in other comments, I am not sitting in judgement of you. I am only interested in the non-ambiguous details. Many best wishes to you.

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