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May 21, 2006


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The faith described in your last three paragraphs. Could I please get its address, phone number, or possibly e-mail address?

Though I agree completely with the sense of the above article on "doubt", it appears incomplete for failure to point out that doubt follows certainty. First, out of sublime ignorance we desperately seek some way to explain the mysteries which surroud us and the attendant uncertaintly which gnaws at our consciousness like an open sore. Thus, from time immemorial man has clung to blind faith in religeous tenants to provide certaintly and a form of spiritual equilibrium in a world devoid of expanatory knowledge. As we accumulate knowledge and we become increasingly learned, we begin to question and to doubt. And those among us capable of independent thought employ science and intellect to develop new ideas on how things may really be as opposed to what they're supposed to be as dictated by myth,fables,and religeous dogma.


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