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May 30, 2006


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There is an arcane position taken by some philosophers that the Tao Te Ching represents a body of texts believed in by "Laoists," and that, having existed or not, Lao Tzu is posited as the head of a sect in China.

How disappointing, when I find that there's organized machinations behind a coherent collection of otherwise sober ideas.

Nonetheless, Taoism is as gleefully cruel as the bellows of heaven, treating all people as so many straw dogs. Yet I am relieved to be sentenced to an existence as one of the ten-thousand things.

From Chuang Tzu:
"How do I know that love of life is not a delusion after all? How do I know but that he who dreads death is not as a child who has lost his way and does not know his way home?"

As the ultimate form of philosophical judo, Taoism forces me to wield the cleaver against every knot, Gordian or not: there is no sense in wondering whether I have the cleverness or wit to untie anything. Knowledge is itself pretentious.

More from the Mister:
"Granting that you and I argue. If you get the better of me, and not I of you, are you necessarily right and I wrong? Or if I get the better of you and not you of me, am I necessarily right and you wrong? Or are we both partly right and partly wrong? Or are we both wholly right and wholly wrong? You and I cannot know this, and consequently we all live in darkness."

And it is great indeed to see all of you here!

Meh... and I'm not going to mind being poorly spoken in this context as I want my point to be clear.

In my very short faithless life, I have found this paradox to be most true: What I want to believe in, I do not. What I don't want to believe in, I cannot help but.

Though the one thing that keeps the light for me is this: Everything I have studied of religion - every different faith, sect, cult, philosophy or order I've studied - I either chose to take something from it or not, regardless if I bought in to it fully or not. Personally, I found taoism to hold the most truth in my life other than psychology, but only as an idea, not a whole way of life, but that's just me.

Though let's not count the fact that one of the several books I've studied on taoism happened to be "The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Taoism", because that's just silly.

-Rydels Lighthand

The most fun thing about taoism is you can say something like:

To lose yourself is to find yourself...

and just laugh as its true and and the same time its meaningless... so you just laugh and continue to live happiliy as yourself, which means of course, tumbling about in the crazy tides of life.

Taoism is just what you make it to be... Thats why it makes so much sense, unless of course you are so busy trying to be something else other than yourself (which all too many people are doing in a commercial culture) then it s frustrating and confusing.

So in the comment one person said: Taoism As the ultimate form of philosophical judo, Taoism forces me to wield the cleaver against every knot,

in all seriousness no. a Taoist first will laugh at the knot. Maybe to walk away from it as the knot is meaningless to the moment. Or if in a hurry to use the cleaver, or if needing amusing to spend some time playing with it since it amuses you to do so.

Westerners see a knot... and think oh we have to untie it as its in my way now and if not now it will be later in my way so lets take care if it.. A Taoist will see a knot amd say "Knot" and will not give it another thought unless its critical in the moment to do so.

A Personal Tao

Cleaver haiku:

counting out shadows
kingfisher wants all five trout:
now, no choice -- belly!

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