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May 26, 2006


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how is the world,
why is the world,
how is the world,
why is the world,
how is the world,
why is the world, how is the world, why is the world, how is the world, why is the world, how is the world, why is the world.

that mantra sound familar to anyone ?

The path is real. The experience is real and objective.

That's the message i get everytime one of my family members calls me. It's the first thing out of his mouth. He's not a satsangi. It happened to him about a year ago, he's completely different now.

He says now, it only takes a few minutes and there's no peak experience. It's continuous heightining. He uses the word joy and light alot when he's trying to explain to me.

I have used a single- and multi-syllable mantra for meditation. I have also chanted out loud, and been silent, and meditated only on breath. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. Hopefully I have been more aesthete than poppinjay.

One of the physical benefits to meditators is a change in brain wave pattern that has produced optimum cardio-pulminary operation. Good for the mechanical meditator. I think that this is also good for the spiritual body because, well, no separation.

I have a compulsion called echolalia, which is the repetition of a word or sound for no apparent reason. Not necessarily an autistic characteristic, it represents a deep brain function. When mice are threatened, they chew... just about anything they can get their little yellow teeth around. The benefit is that they get a nest, through anxiety.

Somehow, my brain is soothed and functions better, anxiety and blood pressure are reduced, when I repeat words absurdly. Of course, it is amusing for a while, and then it starts getting mighty annoying for my wife.

All this story to ask: when do sounds lose and gain meaning? I expect that there is a specialized definition for "mantra," but really, this is a species behavior, and although locution is basic to the organism, there are other brain functions. The logic of pragmatics in language will limit the meditational field to lilies when the seed of meditation is lingual.

I think I thought that a meaningless mantra gains meaning by being a mantra, sorta ipso facto. The very mission of the syllable(s) freights them with potential causation.

The stricter the rules, the more constricted the message. So I cultivate body tics: oh I know it is silly, but when my eye twitches, I try to get to a quiet place and really live it. No words are necessary. I meditate to breezes, to pain, to the incessant chattering and clattering on the train.

Because the incredibly important freight of potential causation comes in many forms. And flavors.

Edward, thank you for that..

don't forget to post more..

i'm going to have to think about that

thanks a lot

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