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May 28, 2006


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Also, as the mystery of existence and clues, if we find purpose in the in the physical universe, is that's a clue to the mystery of existence ? Because purpose would mean existence was willed. Shoepenhauer, a german metapyhician, thought everything, including stones, was blind will. (That has darwin survival overtones btw.) Not that shepenhauer is important in anyway.

Purpose is the thing that brings everything into existence in the living world. For humans, Have you ever seen a machine that doesn't have a purpose ?

And animals all have remarkable tools, woodpecks chisel, bat sonar, owl night vision, . Animals tools are for their survival. They are the tool. Man makes tools, his body is not specialize for any particular function, He moves for being the tool to having tools. That frees our being from day to day survival and we set unlimited goals that go beyond our lifetime. I don't see how darwin surval accounts for this.

Is there purpose in the universe ?

Ah..you've given voice to my own thoughts...and it is indeed freeing to know that I don't know!! It is indeed lightness!! And when you talked of giving up the "got to know" mantra, I could feel the tenseness form in my stomach. Yes, thirty years of gotta know, gotta know...what's wrong with me that I don't know...must not be working hard enough...gotta know, gotta know. Oh how wonderful that such pressure is now gone. Just to know I don't know is wonderful!

Keep on giving those of us out here who feel the same, a voice!

After many years of consideraton I have concluded, many years ago now, that-

"I know everything and nothing."

The reason that I came to this conclusion is that there is nothing that I can really know. Therefore, knowing nothing and knowing that I know nothing is very satisfying to me.

I think that the universe was created in such a way that evolution would have to lead to creatures like ourselves. Humans arose from nature but also represent a turning point in evolution from biology to technology. It appears that humans can make up and choose their own purpose, but perhaps there is a deeper purpose that is beyond our understanding.

When existence is eternal creation, the universe neither has nor contains fixity. No "thing". Not one thing. Wu. Mu.

Which doesn't exclude some great special effects, and lots of elbow room.

The drive to know eliminates the completely present knower. It's a silly trick we use to navigate the (very effective) illusion of separation. Unity, in the sense of a coherent universe, has no lack of knowledge, and therefore no drive to know.

We, happy humans, don't do unity.

Brian.....when God spoke to you....did his voice sound alot like Bing Crosby's?

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