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May 24, 2006


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Good post. We've always believed that disillusionment is a good thing. (In fact, you might be disillusioned if you ever saw Angelina without her makeup. She looks a lot like her father, Jon Voight.)

P.S. We assume you meant "Turning the Mind INTO an Ally."

Oops, good proofreading, Editor. I refuse to believe that Angelina looks like her father. But now that you've got the idea in my head, my fantasy is starting to dissolve. I'll have to watch Tomb Raider again to get myself back to normal.

Thanks once again for a post which cuts through so much so simply! I especially like the last section - 'Full-blown fantasy; let it go.' So much of religion depends on accepting/believing the right things or you can't join the gang. If I say God is like this, it means he is not like that, thus he is limited. Even calling him God limits him. Even referring to him as 'him' is limiting. If the whole of human knowledge, understanding and experience was represented by one byte of information on my hard drive, then all the hard drives in the world would not being able to hold the knowledge, understanding and experience of 'God'.

Paul...I like the one byte of information on my hard drive analogy. It is similar to the one drop in an ocean or a grain of sand in a desert. I do have a concern. Is it a fact that our mind, when neutral and extremely open, is still not capable of some microscopic beginning understanding of God? I was hoping that someday I could discover at least that microscopic beginning. Oh well, is my hope a fantasy?

I think the mysteries of the universe are infinite while our understanding is always finite, but perhaps that is just a fantasy too.

If you want something testable, observable, something to bridge the gap btwn physics and metaphysics, you have to go to the work of Arthur M. Young. And it's not something you understand casually. Tho it is assessable to unspecialised thinking, it's helps to have a scientific and metaphysical education. Dont think your above it. It takes a lot of time.


What is measureable is real, science is not a belief system. Full-blown fantasy. Let it go.

Edward is correct. Can we all agree that,say, the Science of Chemistry is real? We all would say ...yes.. probably. On the other hand, is the Science of the Soul, or the Science of Salvation, or the Science of Spirituality real? Is it possible to measure salvation or spirituality? Any answers out there?

Science is real, but the universe is not a machine and cannot be precisely described mathematically, and neither can we. Science can only make approximations. Or maybe this is just a fantasy and one day we will be replaced by computers.

the heisienburg "uncertainty principle" at the particle level is where physics first shows that determinisim has to go out the window. The universe is not machanical, in other words. It has a creative, "undetermined" essence, as shown by that well proven principle.

Computers will never become alive or creative or self modivatived. They lack the 2nd level principle. Computers are totally determined actually. Also, goedel's "incompleteness theorem", as important as relativity yet less known, shows that computers are just tools and that's all they will ever have the capacity for.

running snail:

The uncertainty principle is part of the mathematical theory of quantum mechanics and as such does not rule out a mechanistic description of the universe - one only has to add randomness to the machine. Goedel's theorem is not exactly what I was talking about. Just because it is impossible to write a computer program that can derive all true mathematical statements from a set of axioms that does not necessarily mean that the laws of the universe cannot all be derived from a finitely postulated mathematical theory. The question is, who is doing the derivation?

We are definitely on the same wavelength on the question of computer intelligence.

isnt' it true..

science is a fanatasy, let it go.

science has no answers other than how to observe things. When science trys to prove ultimate solutions, it becomes fanatastically metaphysical ie. Multiple/ zillions of universes..(required to explain life as a accident), sting theory of 11 dimemsion, hyper geometery / mulitdimension to explain forces like gravity..

All of these metaphysical speculations of science can never be tested or proven. The point is, is that science also becomes just as mythical when it comes to final explantions. BTW, I've never been tricked into believed string theory.

I have read a bit string theory in the popular literature. The remarkable thing about it is that is that it can be so complicated while making no testable predictions. I think that in the future progress at the frontiers of theoretical physics will be impossible without brain augmentations of some sort - the theories are just getting too complicated.

In my thinking, there must be less dimensions not more dimensions, I don't see string theory at all. Just because Realitivity took us all by surprise, doesn't mean every fantasy has ligitamacy.

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