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April 03, 2006


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You're right on target, IMO!

My observation is that the more I let-go of mental concepts and doctrines, the deeper and more rewarding is the meditation experience.

Maybe it's a sort of letting-go process and the ease that it brings. We can talk all day about the nature of reality, etc. but in all honesty, we're all agnostics whether we admit it or not!

Back in my not-so-wild youth, I listened to a lot of serious heavy metal - Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, old Black Sabbath. I always used to say that you could tell the real stuff from the poseurs by how often they used the word "reality." With many of these bands, you'd hear it in the lyrics to virtually every song. They were obsessed with authenticity. Seems all kind of humorless now.

Nick said: "I feel an intuitive attraction to mystery and unknowing even if it is more scary than belief."

I think this sums up the whole religion/faith issue in a nutshell.

Why would anyone with rational thinking ability blindly accept without some evidence or proof Nick's Sant Mant theology list unless they were scared:

A) The Guru is omnipotent and all-knowing.
B) Sant Mat is higher than all the other
yoga paths/religions
C) Beer is taboo for the rest of your life.
Period.I think it should be doughnuts,
but that was discussed elsewhere.
D) One leaves one's body for higher/inner
regions of consciousness that surpass
those of other paths/ways/religions.

The operative word in Nick's statement is "scary". Without the guiding framework of some system, philosophy, cult or religion to provide security we feel adrift, vulnerable and, I think, at the bottom of it all...scared of death and the possibility of eternal annihilation of ones's self and what one loves. There is an almost instinctive need to muffle that fear. People do that by immersing themselves in distractions be it work, hobbies, social activities, religion, yoga, philosophy, drugs, etc. etc.

It is in this state of uncertainty and fear that we are willing to latch on to something, anything that sounds good, to give us a little peace of mind even if we have to put aside the rational part of that mind to accept it.

I say latch onto that fear and make it your ally. Immerse youself in it, let it overwhelm you. You may find that by meeting that fear head on that nothing dies but your concepts. That your identification with the body is insubstantial, an illusion. That your individual ego is nothing but an amalgamation of memories and thoughts. What is left? Some say the Self, Consciousness, the Void that is neither born nor unborn, here nor there, in Sant Mat...Anami.

From the beginning, not a thing is...Shen Hui

Hi Bob, or was it Shen Hui? -

You said: "Why would anyone with rational thinking ability blindly accept without some evidence or proof Nick's Sant Mant theology list...."

My reason for blindly accepting Nick's theology statement is that 'I believe everything and nothing'.

I have not found any theology or 'ism' , absolutely none,including Brians "Church of the Churchless" that works for me better than Sant Mat, and I have reviewed the spectrum carefully as most readers here probably have.

The reason for my acceptance is because of the 'Wing Walker Law', that is you cannot let go of what you have until you have something else to hang on to. I do not feel comfortable with your 'scary' idea of letting go of everything, nor do I see that it is the least bit necessary.

This is like climbing on a ladder, you let go of the lower rung when you have a firm grip on the upper rung, not before. What benefit is there in grasping for the upper rung while not holding onto the lower rung?

Sant Mat is a very pleasant lower rung to hang on to while reaching out for the upper rung, the God-realization the rung.

Everythng and Nothing are equal.....

Forget sant mat, forget religion, forget philosophy. If we want to get to the basics we have a simple choice: to have a still mind or a turbulent mind.

hello nabeel
Most welcom sir,the group church of the church,
In ur last mail very good question about the order of JESUS .
we also see ur mail on site of radhasoami satsanngbeas your question are very perfect and suitable bcoz radhasoami institute are not very well but neither anybody talked them you do that this with faith and collect all inforamtion about santmat yet they are are thinking who,s person challenge them.
But we take a result about your and our discussion and suggestion don,t take it,s mean brian vs nabeel not , we give suggestion for make ourself recognized and keep our relation strong .
Forget sant mat, forget religion, forget philosophy. If we want to get to the basics we have a simple choice: to have a still mind or a turbulent mind.

It is right what is said.
The initial stage is just a letting go process. This takes a very long time and while the mind is reshuffling itself into a higher state, certain emotions will ebb and flow. From anger and frustration to giving up on the master and even hating him for a while. This is a natural process and happens to all satsangis.

After all this comes a sort of "oh well whatever" stage. Where the mind slowly and slowly starts losing the battle of constantly thinking out new things to think.

A sort of resilience and understanding sets in, peace becomes more real.

And then one unexpected lonely night, the doors open, and you think, "how could i ever not have known.."

It was allways right here... right now....this moment....this moment.

Brother... there is just this moment.

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