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April 21, 2006


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I,too, was a member of RSSB for over 20 years. I left for various reasons. However, the spiritual quest or fire within has not been extinquished in the least!

Well, to make a long story short, I have become quite wary of equating spiritual progress with inner meditative experiences.

IMO, it is possible for individuals to go "inside" and have remarkable and fascinating inners experiences. People do have them; this we know.

But, oftentimes, these "experiences" occur in the absence of what I think we really long for....a "spiritual transformation", or one might say a "resurrection" of sorts, where our view of the world, those around us, and ourselves is changed for the better. Or we can say, we become conscious beings. Our hearts open and we feel a connection to life; we feel a drive to serve and help others; and we begin to feel compassion.

Seems to me that if the "inner" is not reflected in the "outer", then what have we really accomplished?

Hi you,
Sant mat is not a religion at all but it is a mysticism. Did jesus talk of his religion??
no, he just talked about how to go back to our real home of Lord. That is all. BUt our mind never let us understand the teaching of perfect masters. The mysticism path is not easy and it is not for sissy people but yes it is only for real warriors. Jesus and other past mastsers did talk about their struggling before they finally successed in travelling thru many inner regions to the real home of Lord. Our mind loves to confuse us.

To David:

Frankly, it seems that you don't have a clue regarding the broad orientation of this blog. Sant Mat is most definitely a religion. It has a very particular concept of Deity (Radha Soami), it has a particular spiritual dogma and teaching, it has a spiritual master who is clearly regarded as a type of savior, and it has a rather large body of followers who firmly believe in both the God, the dogma, and the divinity of the master/savior. So don't go around telling people who have many years of personal experience and deep familiarity with Sant Mat, and who know much better, that "Sant Mat is not religion". People like you are nonsense because they are living in fantasyland and denial, and they try to pretend that somehow their particular religion is different from the rest, and is not really a religion, which is simply a load of rubbish.

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