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March 14, 2006


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Like Prof. Ehrman (some of whose previous books I have read and appreciated), it was likewise my bothering to seriously study the Bible and the early Christian movement which led to my becoming a "born-again" no-longer-Christian. I believe that is why so many "true believers" prefer "proof-texting" over making any truly serious effort at seeking to learn about what the Bible actually is (an anthology of Hebraic and Hellenistic religious propaganda), how it came to be (through human activity/actions), and how its effects have included negative aspects along with such "good" as it has contributed toward in human history. "Truth" is hard to find, but finding it can at least help to make one more free. (Cf. I Th 5:21.)

Just to comment on the wackiest religion issue, have you seen what Scientology believes in? Holy crap (no pun intended)!

Somewhere between the thousands of souls that inhabit my body and the spaceplanes I figured "this is actually worse than Christianity!" Granted, it's little more than a cult with some very wealthy members, but still.

There is a good column in the Statesman Journal today by Leonard Pitts regarding interpretations of the Bible and homosexuality. I mention it for the interpretation part, not the homosexual part, although there is nothing wrong with that.


I just saw Bart on the teevee, and the discussion eventually turned to how the investigation of biblical text brings it alive and therefore makes it more godly. Great stuff.

Of course it is impossible to go through an exigesis of Aquinas or e. e. cummings to ignore the application of the same principles to religious texts. 12 years of catholic school, did I suspect there might be more to the story than the Nag Hamadi hinted? Well yeah, I was taught critical reading, forensic debate, and psychological counseling: we used to role-play the monks re-writing texts for 3-player oral interp.

I've always wanted to meet Elaine Pagels. Sounds like Bart's journey has been pointed, and is now something to point at.

I taught secondary school literature for 13 yrs. The difference between fact/opinion and fiction/nonfiction. My students lit up when taught the bible was literature. I always encouraged them to read it themselves. What they believed was fact their entire lives was their preacher's interpretation (that was slanted) of a classic work of literature. When they argued the point, I asked them the basis they used to prove a fact. Because, was never right. We moved quickly on, but so many literally pondered this, I had actually made them think!

Do some research on the Koran, for the most part it includes the old and new testament. In the Koran, Jesus is reverred as a prophet, however, Mohamed is the greatest of prophets.

The falsehood of the Bible can't be only discovered by the scholarship of Dr. Bart Ehrman , but from the beginning , when we say the Bible according to Matthew , or Luke , this logically could never be considered a holy book even though they were really relating to the names they bear , they could be considered only as a bibliography of someone called Jesus , a holy book which is a true one , must be related to God Himself , and must have authenticity of being the actual word of God

sometimes,no often,i think about what B. Ehrman is saying is most close to who -real- God is! --here what developed in Europe is European Christianity, most of all it is far from that Jesus meant,but according to the knowledge what they understood about Jesus, plus their convenience of many kinds of the human power.(oh, church!!) in spite of that, there is still some truth in it.and for me, personally,the truth is mercy, love and forgiveness. those are what i am able to read through from the limited quite problematic Bible.according to Ehrman points out them, the truth shines more. because the real truth is a thing , we do not need to speak out,it is just there.Ehrman is an amazingly brilliant man,i am very delightful to get know him. and it is not only his study but also his truth in his soul! it takes courage to be honest to the heart! BRAVO and thanks is my word to him,and i would like to get know him more!! Nancy cowans

Overly-educated Ehrman fulfills the Bible verse, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Ehrman is a disgrace to Christianity. He turns people away from God because he is an arrogant scholar. Shame on him.

The quran has been changed a lot, too. There are many variants.
The differences between the quranic manuscripts and modern qurans are not so many as the bible, but that is no surprise as the bible is much older

At the turn of the last century, Arthur Conan Doyle battled and tried to kill off Sherlock Homes. He was tired of being Homes' scribe. But the myth was too powerful, Sherlock Homes would not be killed. Homes triumphed and Doyle lost the battle. Doyle returned to his role serving Homes as his dutiful scribe. Last Friday night the epic myth of Luke Skywalker returned in full force. A historic event happened and hundreds of millions of people participated. Luke's followers were shocked, in trauma, in tears, in shouts of joy, that after decades, their Master had returned.


The Hero's Journey is real. It lives in each of us, through our own devotion to our hero, we create our own path of discovery, battle, and victory. In every moment of faith and effort the journey proves itself and leads us further.

All for the small price of belief with absolute conviction. For the true hero it isn't a choice. They are are dutifully bound to follow what resonates within themselves. Some are hard wired for it.

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