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March 20, 2006


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Doesn't this make your present wife uncomfortable?

You say that "people grow". What if (God [or other relevant deity] forbid) you outgrow her but she hasn't outgrown you?

Excellent post. A poignant reminder of my own divorce, the emotional fallout, and the reconciliation with reality. My own marriage was an illusion, a youthful indiscretion, with which I ultimately became dis-illusioned - which, as you've so eloquently expressed here, is a very good thing.

Speaking of disillusionment, have you seen the movie "The God Who Wasn't There"?

Turn, I read this post to my wife last night before I put it online. She said, "Yes, you're right." Her only qualifier was that when children are involved, the parents have to consider their needs also.

Laurel is a psychotherapist, so she's had a lot of experience dealing with couples who are divorcing, or considering it.

Yes, the situation where one person is unhappy and the other person isn't is tricky. And, common. In this case, counseling and some hard work on the marriage certainly is called for. When a "until death do us part" commitment is made, it shouldn't be broken lightly.

However, I don't believe that there is only one person in the world for us. Almost always, a "dumped" spouse will be able to find someone else who can meet his or her needs as well or better than the original beloved.

To my mind, life is too short to spend unfulfilled. And who really wants to stay with a partner who doesn't want to stay with you?

Editor, several people have mentioned this movie to me. I guess I've got to see it.

I get what you're saying about disillusionment. In my case, I spent many years fantasizing that things were going to change, when I had no reason to believe that they would.

I also spent many years fantasizing about other things, but if I got into that this blog would have to be rated "R" (or even "X").

So Brian. Have you found a new spiritual partner? Or, are you your own spiritual partner? Great post.

R Blog, I'm reluctant to say that I'm my own spiritual partner because it sounds so much like spiritual masturbation (which, however, might be a pretty apt description of my blogging and pondering).

I guess my spiritual partner at the moment is Mystery. She's alluring, but the frustrating thing is that she's always out of reach. Still, for now I'd rather hold out for what she promises than settle for the obvious right at hand.

Maybe I'm crazy. Just seems like the right thing to do. Until, of course, I feel otherwise.

I'm pretty sure that RSSBA forbids spiritual masturbation...and, near beer.

Near beer still contains alcohol:I believe 6 nears = 1 real beer.

this charan baba takes most of his teaching from Guru Granth sahib (sikh holy scriptures)...and then tells all his followers not to believe in it...lol

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