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March 06, 2006


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I love these down-to-earth examples! Way to go.

Dave, I'll return a compliment and say that I love your own Via Negativa weblog.

Finally got around to adding you to my Links to Explore list after having browsed you before.

Figured that since we have each read Feyerabend's "Against Method," we've got a lot in common (like, insanity?).

Reminds me of the Takehashi poem translated by Lucien Stryk, which he calls "Absence". I took a slant translation of the whole thing as a meditation sound once upon a time: Ru Su Mu - absent self.

As a child, I bothered my mom by asking questions, and her throw away response was always, "Who wants to know?" Of course, I thought about that. So years later when shonen asked if I would stay to work at the temple, I said, "mu." He made me a cup of coffee.

Thanks, Brian - I'm honored. As for insanity, I prefer to think of it as a well-developed sense of play. On the other hand, it's probably true that my sense of humor is the *only* thing standing between me and full-blown, whacked-out looney toonism.

Edward, that's great, to get a koan from your own mother!

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