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March 28, 2006


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This is good - I see we're in a pretty comparable place. Zhuangzi is one of my favorite thinkers. If you haven't looked at A. C. Graham's philosophically astute translation (Chuang-Tzu: The Inner Chapters), I thouroughly recommend it.

Dave, thanks for the tip. I've thought about getting Graham's translation but didn't know if it was that much better, or different, than the two translations I have already.

Your "philosophically astute" characterization makes me want to buy it. Not that I ever need much urging to get a new book.

Cool. Nice blog. I write a lot about the basic precepts of Taoism, and places and people I've found who seem to follow this 'Way'- even things outside what is considered 'traditional Taoism'. I believe we can find peace if we can learn to follow this Way, or as I put it, Surf the Tao, no matter what is happening around us.

Read Joel Goldsmith for a Western view on "no problems, mate," who healed under the prayer that there is no illness, no problems to solve.

Zhuangtzu's wife dies, and his friends make the journey to his home to console him and help him in his distress.

As they come along the path to his house, the friends hear loud singing and banging on the household pots. They rush into the house to see what the ruckus is.

Zhuangtzu is sitting on the floor, drumming and singing away. He friends are horrified! "Master, you have lost your mind! Your wife is dead and you should be mourning, it is unseemly for you to sing and play like this."

Zhuangtzu replies, "I did not grieve before my wife was born. Why should I grieve now that she is dead?"

Taoism ain't for sissies. Remember, Original Man dies when the winds drill the seven holes in his head.

Confucius was confused. I know him/her personally and would not follow him around the corner. Jesus is still the man.


Jesus might be "still the man"... but Lao Tzu knew the Way...

You wrote, "It’s akin to calling a locksmith to get the front door open when all we need to do is turn the knob.

Another way to view this is as follows: It’s akin to calling a locksmith to get the front door open when there is NO front door at all.

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